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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Urmston to William Taylor
Urmston, John
August 07, 1714
Volume 02, Page 138

[From N. C. Letter Book of S. P. G.]

North Carolina, Aug. 7th 1714


During the last half year the State of Religion is much the same changes for the better are not easily brought about the people are daily more unkind—I've baptized 59 whereof two were adults—We have not had the Lords supper administered in public during that time I have some hopes of better things in many respects thro' the endeavours of an honest Gentleman our nowe Governor he seems resolved to promote the Church discipline being a strict observer thereof himself. He must expect to meet with many difficulties some insuperable—I wish a letter were sent to him, it would be of . . . . use—he purposes to redress many of my grievances which will render life more comfortable I am sorry we are not like to see Coll Nicholson here—if a Bill for £14 payable to Thos Jones of Virginia be unpaid I pray it may never be paid thro' the perfidous dealing of my agent at London I worse than I thought for, in want of many things but must not draw if my Salary had been duly paid and invested in goods I had been one of the richest in this famous Colony whereas I am nowe the poorest—£30 in goods would have done me more good than thrice that has, being forced to give 4 or 5 hundred per cent for all what I give Bills for I have not received the Catchms sent by Mr Rainsford—He never disposed of gift Books valued £5—He made more by his voyage & years Salary than I've done these 5 years and never did anything for it—a handful of Indians who would not come into the treaty with the rest have spilt more innocent blood than all the rest & we cannot cause our men to go against them nor willingly pay those that will, they rove from place to place cut of 2 or 3 Families today & within 2 or 3 days do the like a hundred miles off from the former they are like deer—there is no finding them. We have men out after them to sue for peace—I am Sir &c