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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the North Carolina Governor's Council
North Carolina. Council
May 25, 1715
Volume 02, Pages 180-181

-------------------- page 180 --------------------
[Council Journal.]

North Carolina—ss
At a councill held at Chowan The 25th day of May Anno Dom 1715
Present the Honble Charles Eden Esqr Governor Commandr in Chiefe & Admll
The Honble Coll Thos Pollock Esqr the Ld Propr Depty
The Honble Nath Chevin Esqr the Ld Propr Depy
The Honble Fras Foster Esqr the Ld Propr Depty
The Honble Tobias Knight Esqr the Ld Propr Depty

Ordered That Capt Benja West Capt Jno Palin Capt Jno Norton Commandrs in The Honble ye Governors own Regimt do forthwith draw out their Companyes and declare to them that so many as shall voluntarily go to South Carolina under the Command of Coll Theophilus Hastings to aide and assist that Government against their Indians now in Rebellion Each person shall immediately Receive out of ye publick Treasurie five pounds for and towards providing them with necessaries for their Expedition and from and after their Landing in South Carolina shall as Further Encouragment be allowed by that Government Two Shillings per diem for so many days as they shall actually be in and upon that Service and that they shall be brought back again hither at the publick Charge In Case the Necessity of affaires will not admit of yr returning by Land But in Case they doe returne by Land Then to be Supplied with Provisions from South Carolina for such their March and in Case of any Obstinacy and Reluctancy in their the Said Captns people Each Captn is Ordered to draw out Tenn able men from Each of yr Companyes provided they are not those who have ye most numerous familyes and to see them well provided with armes and amunition and to put them under ye said Coll Hastings Orders giving a Servant in every Tenn men who shall receive Three Shillings per diem

Ordered also that Fifty men be raise and Sent to the aide of South Carolina under ye Command of Coll Morris Moore by Land and that they have ye same Encouragmt as in the above Ordr with the advance money of Five pounds a Head for Each private Centinell and Tenn pounds for ye Captn and Seven pounds Tenn Shillings per head for Each Subalturn Office

Ordered that orders be forthwith sent to Captn Drinkwater to Command him to keep a constant patrole between Pamplico and Nuse and that he assist the pacquet from So Carolina wth all provisions and other necessarys for their returne

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The Honble the Govnr is likewise requested by this Board to Write to ye Governr of Virginia and acquaint him that the Governr of South Carolina desires all persons Comeing out of that Governmt without particular Permitts may be secured and sent back with all Expedition.

Upon Petition of Nath Chevin Esqr Shewing that a tract of Land Containing Two hundred and seventy Two Acres at Cowhall, Survey'd and Patt by Richard Lewis is Laps'd for want of Seating and prays that the same may be Granted to himselfe.

Ordered that ye same be Granted as praid for.