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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Board of Trade of Great Britain
Great Britain. Board of Trade
May 31, 1717
Volume 02, Pages 281-282

[B. P. R. O. Board of Trade Journals. P. 270.]

Whitehall Friday May 31st 1717.

The Lord Carteret one of the Lords Proprietors of Carolina coming to the Board their Lordships had some discourse with him relating to the present state of that Province and to the Representation from the inhabitants of South Carolina referred to the Board by Mr Sec. Addison's letter of 30th of last month mentioned in the minutes of the 6th inst. His Lordship among other things said that the Assembly of South Carolina being dissolv'd, they had now no Agents, But that the persons who styled themselves such, had desired him to present their paper to the King, which his Lordship had done when the same was drawn so as to be supported by the letters those Gentlemen produc'd from thence that his Lordship had since private letters from Carolina which bring advice of a Peace being made with the Indians which his Lordship observed seems probable since the Yamasees the first authors of the war were cut off That there had never been a regular war with the said Indians in Carolina but many settlements which were made too scattered & remote from each other had been destroyed at several times tho' the whole Colony was never in so apparent danger of being lost as was suggested That if the said Province be supply'd with the men they desired the Assembly had never agreed how to dispose of or provide for them That the Lords Proprietors would be glad to have more men sent thither in any manner but that it could not be expected His Majesty should send and maintain them there That the Province may be run in debt as alleged but that the Lds Proprs have applyed all their profits towards its support and bought

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& sent 250 muskets which they have heard are actually arrived in Carolina My Lord added that he did not doubt but when Col. Johnson the present Govr arrives he will find all things quiet in the said Province and therefore his Lordship desired the Board would suspend their Report to His Majesty upon the forementd reference until fresh advices should arrive from thence.