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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Charles Carkesse to [Alured] Popple
Carkesse, Charles
January 28, 1725
Volume 02, Pages 559-560

[B. P. R. O. Proprieties. B. T. Vol. XI. R. 51.]


Mr Christopher Gale who is collector of the Customs at Beaufort in North Carolina, and Chief Justice of the Province being come to England, has exhibited to the Commrs a Memorial setting forth that he has been personally insulted in the execution of his Office by Geo. Burrington Esqre Deputy Govr of that Province and that he afterwards attempted in the nigt to break open the said Gale's house with intent to murder him, that he was thereupon obliged to quitt the Province esteeming his life in danger in case he continued there, the truth whereof appears by his Affidavit and Copy of his Memorial inclosed which the Commrs desire you will lay before the Lords Comrs for Trade and Plantations, and the said Collector representing he cannot returne to his duty with safety to his life unless some proper measures are taken to protect him, the Commrs desire their Lordsps will be pleased to enquire into this matter

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and be a means that the grievance complained of may be redressed and least their Lordsps should want fuller satisfaction in this matter, the said Gale is ordered to attend them, which is what I have in command to signify to you

I am Sir
Your most humble servant

Custom House
28th Janry 1724.