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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Act of the North Carolina General Assembly concerning delivery of government letters
North Carolina. General Assembly
Volume 02, Page 888

-------------------- page 888 --------------------
[Laws of North Carolina. MSS. Records. A. D. 1715.]

Whereas the remoteness of divers places in this Government and the Necessity of Communicating divers Businesses to the utmost Limits of it would if Messengers were Presst be an Annual Great Expense for prevention and for the more Speedy Conveyance of all Such Letters.

Be It Enacted by his Excellency the Palatine and the rest of the true and Absolute Lords Proprietors of Carolina by and with the Advice and Consent of this present General Assembly now met at Little River for the North East part of the said Province and the Authority thereof.

And It Is Hereby Enacted that all Letters superscribed for his Majesties Service directed to or Subsigned by the Governor or other publick Officer or by Some Field Officer in the Militia at such time when the Government is Actually Engaged in Warr against the Indyan Enemie shall be Immediately Conveyed from Plantation to plantation to the place and persons to whom they are directed under the Penalty of Five pounds for each default one halfe to the Government and the other halfe to him or them which shall Sue for the Same to be recovered in any Court of Record within this Government wherein no Essoign, Protection, Injunction or Wager of Law shall be allowed or Admitted of.

And Be It Further Enacted that if any person shall be put to extraordinary charge the Court of each Precinct is hereby Authorized to Judge thereof and make Certificate of ye same to the General Assembly.

And Be It Further Enacted by the Authority aforesaid that where any person in the family the said Letter comes to can write such person is hereby required to Endorse the day and houre of the Receipt of it that the Neglect or Contempt of any person therein may be the better discovered and Punishment Infficted Accordingly.

And Be It Further Enacted that all and every his Majesty's Subjects within this Government are hereby required to put this Act in Execution upon Paine of the Penalty aforesaid.

Edward Moseley,