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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Bevil Granville to Edmund Gibson
Granville, Bevil
May 06, 1732
Volume 03, Pages 341-342

[From North Carolina Letter Book of S. P. G.]

Edenton, No. Carolina May 6—1732.

My Lord

From Lord Baltimore's frequent solicitations to leave England and settle in Maryland & upon his promise to provide for me, in the best manner, that that province would allow, I took shipping from Dublin in order to go there; landing in No. Carolina I accidentally met Mr. Burrington, who earnestly entreated and persuaded me, to stay in this Province, there being so great occasion for Ministers as you Lordship will judge when I assure you that I baptized near 1000 children & persons in a very short time after my coming in. As Mr. Burrington & Mr. Gale are pleased to write in my behalf, I thought it my duty (tho' personally unknown to you) to acquaint your Lordship how willing I am to fix in a country where the clergy is so much wanted & where so few care to settle, hoping that (as unworthy a member as I am) I may be of some service to that church, whereto I belong, being well assured

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of one thing that let my abilities be never so poor, yet the name of a minister will hinder the growth of various dangerous sects, willing and ready to over run the whole Province. Should your Lordship think me worthy of the mission, you shall always hear that I am industrious in the service of God & these people & that I shall act in such a manner I hope as to deserve your Lordships approbation & as becomes the Person indulged with the friendship of the afore mentioned Gentlemen.

I am My Lord: yours &c.