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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition by inhabitants of Bertie Precinct concerning quit rents
Hill, Benjamin; Lawson, John; Castellaw, James
February 20, 1737
Volume 04, Pages 247-248

February the 20th Day 1736/7.

We the Subscribers Representatives of Bertie Precinct being summoned (as we are informed) to attend this day at the Court House in order to pay his Majestys Rents due by us for Lands held in this Precinct and lest any unadvised people should misconstrue our words or actions as thoe we were unwilling to pay what Rents we justly owe his Majesty to remove such an objection if any should be made we in a Publick Manner Declare that we always were and are ready to pay what Rents we justly owe according to the covenant and agreement made between the late Lords Proprietors and the inhabitants of the County of Albemarle according to the Tenour of our Patents according to the

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Laws of this Colony and the constant practice of near seventy years standing which always was and as we conceive ought to be paid and received in the Commodities of the Country at our respective houses we are also well satisfied that the Opinion of the late Assembly was that all other demands whatsoever were Illegal