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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Memorandum from Murray Crymble and James Huey to the Board of Trade of Great Britain concerning a land grant in North Carolina
Crymble, Murray; Huey, James
September 24, 1736
Volume 04, Pages 259-260

24th Sepr 1736.

[To the Board of Trade,]

The last time I was admitted to attend your Lordships you desired me to let you know if we were willing to engage to pay his Majesties Quit Rents here after the Expiration of ten years from the date of the

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Grant. I have since consulted with some of the Gentlemen concerned with me and we are of Opinion that it is a thing that cannot be done, particularly in so large an undertaking as that of ours is, the difficultys are many that would attend this method of proceeding some of which we begg leave to lay before your Lordships.

1st We are oblidged by vertue of our Grant should it pass to settle six thousand Protestants, they are to pay the Quit Rents to the Crown in the same method as practiced by the Colonys and will hold thys lands by that tenure, but should the undertakers engage to pay the Quit Rents, and that thys should be only a private covenant between them and their Tenants, in that case we apprehend we should be under a necessity to take out seperate Actions against every person that neglected to pay his Quit Rents, there are particular Laws in the Colonys to inforce the payment of the Quit Rents to the Crown but in our case it would be considered only as a common Debt, the Crown has Officers appointed for the Collection of the Quit Rents and his Majesty's Governour is to direct them affairs but were we to undertake the payment of the Quit Rents into his Majesty's Treasury we can have no relieff but at an Infinite charge

The charge of the Survey will amount to
The charge of marking out the severall Disvisions will amount to

Therefore as we shall be oblidged to advance so much money immediately, it is hoped that our so doing will be look't upon as a Security, and that we are determined to carry on the Settlement in a proper manner.