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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the Board of Trade of Great Britain to Gabriel Johnston
Great Britain. Board of Trade
June 26, 1740
Volume 04, Page 420

-------------------- page 420 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. North Carolina. B. T. Vol. 21. P. 276.]

Sir, [Gov. Gabriel Johnston]

Since our letter to you dated the 17th January 1739/40 a duplicate whereof has been likewise sent, We have received two from you one dated at Cape Fear the 28th of that month and the other at Newbern the 3rd of March last, the first of these brought us your observations on the Acts lately passed in that Province in particular upon the Quit rent law.

We did not receive the eleven Acts passed at North Carolina in 1738 till the 11th of April last and were not a little surprised to find they were transmitted without any letter or the Great Seal of the Province annexed to them which last omission being a breach of your 25th Article of Instructions We think ourselves obliged to take notice of it and to desire you will be more observant in that respect in the future We have those Acts now under consideration and think it advisable to report against the Quit Rent Law & that relating to cultivation.

It is but very lately that we received any account of the state of the paper currency of North Carolina and We had great reason to question whether even that which came to our hands was authentic as it was unattended with any letter and not so much as sign'd by any person It is true We have since had your letter upon that subject dated Newbern 3rd of March last but as that only mentions that you are preparing an account of the currency and that you hope to send it in a few days we cannot look upon this as a proper return We cannot comply with what you desire in the same letter about recommending some gentlemen to be of the Council in your Province because we do not know what vacancies they are to supply & therefore We must remind you of what we writ in January last & We do expect once in six months you regularly send us a list of the Members of the Council in North Carolina taking notice at the same time of what vacancies have happened by death or resignation & who are absent & with regard to the last that you particularly specify from whom as well as for how long a time they have obtained license so far as you are able We must likewise desire you to acquaint us in our next whether there be any Provost Marshal in your Province & who he is So We bid you heartily farewell and are Your very loving frinds & humble Servts


Whitehall June 26th 1740.