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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the North Carolina Governor's Council
North Carolina. Council
October 02, 1741
Volume 04, Page 603

At a Council held at Wilmington the 2d day of October 1741
Present His Excellency the Governor
The Honoble Nath Rice Esqr Member of Council
The Honoble Roger Moore Esqr Member of Council
The Honoble Eleazor Allen Esqr Member of Council
The Honoble James Murray Esqr Member of Council
The Honoble Math Rowan Esqr Member of Council

Read sundry petitions for patents for Land Vizt

Martin Frank 640 Craven, William Daniel 100 Currituck, Martin Frank 640 Craven, Edward Frisby 200 Do, Warren Andrews 250 Tyrrel, Thos Little 150 Beaufort, John Crickert 95 Bertie, Jas Keith 320 N. Hanover Granted

Read sundry Petitions for Warrants for land on Rights proved Vizt

John Filleau 150 Craven, Samuel Wilson 100 Onslow, John Matchett 600 N. Hanover Granted

The following persons were admitted to prove their Rights in order to their taking up Land Vizt

Robert Potter N. Hanover white 6, black 2, Archibald McFarter Do [white] 3, [black] 2

The Secretary reported to the Board that the Commissioners of the Quit Rents Insisted upon the words who shall usually reside thereon to be added to the clause for one white person to seat a thousand acres or under two thousand and so on.

By order