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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Garzia to Philip Bearcroft
Garzia, John, ca. 1700-1744
April 16, 1742
Volume 04, Pages 604-605

[From North Carolina Letter Book of S. P. G.]

No. Carolina Bath Town April 16: 1742.

Reverend Sir [to the Secretary]

In obedience to the order of the Honorable Society to me I send by this a true and faithful account of my services for this year from this time twelve months Vizt

The number baptized by me in my Resident Parish and all other within my Mission, which are Six hundred and twenty three, beside nine adults and three negroes.

The number of the communicants in all, as above are one hundred and three.

As to the number of those who profess themselves of the Church of England Dissenters & Papists I cannot as yet send you an account thereof;

The number of Heathen & Infidels I am informed amount to two thousand or thereabouts.

I do beg the favour of you to inform their Honours with my endeavours, to promote goodness, christianity and the true Religion among the Inhabitants within my mission, but immorality is arrived to that head among so many, that it requires not only some time but great patience to conquer it; because upon my preaching upon any prevalent & predominant Sin, I must be prepared to stand the persecution of those who are guilty of it, especially in my resident Parish, in which adultery, Incest, Blasphemy, and all kinds of profaneness has got such deep root.

I shall be more large in my next, In the mean time I stand the oppression of an inveterate and obstinate Parish, govern'd by twelve Vestry men, whose only endeavour is to hinder & obstruct the service of God, being performed, they themselves never coming to hear the word of God, and dissuading as much as possible others from it and who in a particular manner exercise their malice daily against me, by depriving me of my quietness of mind and the enjoyment of the small Salary of £37 : 10s

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per annm allow'd by law, & which I am obliged to have recourse to recover, having had nothing these 4 years for the support of my Family, but what is allow'd to me by the Honble Society, for whom my humble Prayers to God, & my humble respect to your Reverence & begging the continuance of your favour, am

Revd Sir, your most, &c.,