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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Deposition of Samuel Swann concerning Matthew Rowan's suit against Henry McCulloh
Swann, Samuel, 1704-1774
April 05, 1750
Volume 04, Page 1095

Answers to Interrogatories administered to Samuel Swann Esqre by James Hasell Esqre Chief Justice of the Province of North Carolina the 5th day of April 1750.

To the first Interrogatory. This respondent answereth and saith that he was of Council in the two suits mentioned in the said Interrogatories for Henry McCulloh Esqre.

To the second. This respondent answereth and saith That it appeared to this respondent that the said Henry McCulloh had a fair and impartial Trial in the said suits and this respondent is of opinion that had it not been for a letter of the said Mathew Rowan's Esqre produced by the said Henry McCulloh at the said Trial wrote by the Plaintiff to Messrs Huey and Murray Crymble wherein the said Mathew Rowan the Plaintiff disclaimed taking Henry McCulloh Esqre as paymaster for the Fees and expenses on the said Survey of twelve hundred thousand acres of land the verdict in that suit must according to the rules of Law have been given against the said Henry McCulloh Esqre