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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Henry McCulloh to Thomas Hill
McCulloh, Henry, ca. 1700-1779
October 29, 1750
Volume 04, Pages 1100-1101

29th October 1750.

Sir, [Secretary of Board of Trade]

I received your letter of Thursday evening last, how and in what manner the Governor hath transmitted his Answer to the Petition of

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Complaint exhibited by me against him, I am entirely at a loss to know, as by my latest letters dated the 8th of June last he had not served any Person in my behalf with a Copy of the Answer or the Copys of any of the evidences which have been taken relative thereto, nor hath his Agent here given me any notice on that head. Moreover by said Advices he had hitherto prevented the Seal of the Colony from being fixed to the evidences that were taken in support of my charge.

On receipt of said letters I have wrote my friends in Carolina, that in case the Governor still persists in denying the Seal of the Colony to be affixed to the Evidences taken on my behalf that in such case they make proof of said refusal before a Notary Publick, and transmit all the Evidences, attested by said Notary.

If the Governor hath transmitted his answer without annexing Copies of the Affidavits he hath been served with, he acts entirely out of all form, and it can be done only with a view to defeat the intention of their Lordships Order, and raise a Clamour against me, however this will not serve his end as truth will prevail.

The melancholy situation of my Affairs & the ill state of health I am subject to, lays me under a necessity of staying much in the Country, but as soon as any Papers arrives relating to the above matters, I will immediately do myself the honour to wait on their Lordships.

I am, Sir, &c.,