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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Matthew Rowan to Robert D'Arcy, Earl of Holdernesse
Rowan, Matthew, d. 1760
November 21, 1753
Volume 05, Page 25

-------------------- page 25 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. Am: & W. Ind: Vol. 67.]

Cape Fear No Carolina Novr the 21st 1753.

My Lord [Earl of Holdernesse]

I recd your Excellencys of the 28th of Augt by way of Virginia, have since called the Council & Made all the inquirey possable about the French and Indians in any Number cuming on our frunteers but cannot find any foundation for the Information.

Last June three French and five Northward Indians came down to kill some of the Catabahs but were met by thirteen of the Catabah Indians who killed two french & three of the Noward Indians the other three made thr escape the five were killed dead so that no information could be had from them this action was within less than two miles of Rowan County Court House dureing the siting of the Court.

Last week the High Sheriff of Rowan which is the most frunteere County came down here some of their Hunters were a great way back but saw nothing of any french or Indians he returns tomorrow will give him derections to make the best inquirey he can, I will order the Militia to be in redyness, our three fruntire Countys are Anson, Orange, & Rowan. they are for the most part, settled with Irish Protestants, & Germans brave Industerous people their Militia amounts to upwards of three thousand Men and incresing fast.

Your Excellency may depend on it I will not suffer any insult or incrochment on his Majestys Dominions in This Province whilst the administration is in my hands and am My Lord, &c.,