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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Dinwiddie to Thomas Robinson, Baron Grantham
Dinwiddie, Robert, 1693-1770
June 18, 1754
Volume 05, Page 129

[Reprinted from Dinwiddie Papers. Vol. 1. P. 201.]
Governor Dinwiddie to Sir Thomas Robinson.

June 18th, 1754.

R't Hon.:

Last Night I was hon'd with Y'r Let'r of the 26th of Mar. And I am perswaded had His Majesty's Com'ds to the other Colonies been duely obey'd, and the necessary Assistance given by them, the French wou'd have long ago have been oblig'd entirely to have evacuated their usurp'd Possession of the King's Lands, instead of w'ch they are daily becoming more formidable, whilst every Gov't except No. Caro. has amus'd me with Expectations that have proved fruitless, and at length refuse to give any Supply, unless in such a manner as must render it ineffectual. The French too justly observe the want of connection in the Colonies, and from thence conclude (as they declare without reserve) that altho' we are vastly superiour to them in Numbers, yet they can take and secure the Co't'y before we can agree to hinder them. Now w't, Sir, must be the result of this? Virg'a alone is unable to support the whole Burthen, and if some Method is not found to take away these destructive Denials of Assistance from the other Colonies, w'h it is judg'd proper to be demanded by His M'y for the comon Good, as now, The Consequ'ce must be the present loss of one of the finest and most fertile Countries in America and the future Destruction of all the British Dom's on this Con't. The two Compa's from N. York arrived only four Days ago. The reason of their long Delay I cannot Acc't for. Enclosed You have their Muster rolls. I have order'd one of the Council to review them, and shall hereafter acqu't You with their Condition. I have order'd them out to join the other Forces. The Compa. from So. Caro. has joined Colo. W., and the Forces from No. Caro. are on their March. The Gov'r of N. York informs me that 30 Batteaus, with Colours flying, past by Fort Oswego1 lately, in their way to reinforce their Army at Ohio.

R't Hon. Sir, Y'r most obed't humble serv't.


1 Fort Oswego was established in 1727.