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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Clark to Matthew Rowan
Clark, John
September 25, 1754
Volume 05, Page 140

[B. P. R. O. North Carolina. B. T. Vol. 12. C. 43.]
Copy of a letter from Col. John Clark to Prest Rowan.

Pacalet, Septr 25th 1754.

Most Worthy Sir,

This melancholy news is to let your Honour Know that on Monday morning the 16th of this instant at the House of John Gutrey & James Anshers on the North side of Broad river on Buffellow Creek was killed 16 persons and ten which we did not find which we suppose to be killed or carried away captive. As to the manner of the murder please to enquire of the Bearer who can give a true account being with me at the burial of the dead and saw the weapons of war which they left and the manner of their going away. As to what Indians that has done the murder we know not we believe them not to be French by not having the Cross on the Instruments of war which they left behind them. It appears to me by their behaviour that they intend to cut our back settlements off without some speedy relief from your Honour, who has always been the support of our back settlements. I entreat your Honour to take our weak case into your consideration and grant us a quantity of men with arms & ammunition sufficient to range the frontiers of our settlements to keep the enemy off us.

Without this or some other method which your Honour may think more proper we shall of necessity be obliged to move off as several of our neighbours has already done.

If your Honour think proper to grant us any men I beg that you would order William Green Commander of the same he being a man of good conduct and a good Woodsman.

I have no more to add but pray detain not the Bearer but grant us some speedy relief for we are in great danger.

My compliments to Madam Rowan & am, Sir, Yours, &c.,