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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Proposal by Horatio Sharpe concerning the military defense of Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina
Sharpe, Horatio, 1718-1790
Volume 05, Pages 144f-144g

[Reprinted from Dinwiddie Papers. Vol. 1. P. 351.]

The Plan of Military Operations—A Plan of Operations, Consulted and agreed upon by Gov'r Dinwiddie, of Virg'a; Gov'r Dobbs, of No. Carolina, and Gov'r Sharpe of M'yl'd. In Consequence thereof, Gov'r Sharpe, who is, by His M'y, appointed Com'd'r of the combined Forces on the Expedit'n to the Ohio, agrees to the same as follows:

In pursuance of their Advice and Approbat'n of the Scheme, I propose, if possible, to assemble 1,000 men, the Ind't Compa's included; and unless

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the Winter sets in too severely very shortly, I hope they will be able to carry the Fr. Fort on the River Monongahela, at least before it can be reinforced from Canada, in the Spring. This, indeed, and building a Fort (w'ch we think necessary) opposite to it, on an Island in the Ohio, is all I can entertain very sanguine Hopes of being able to execute, with so small a Number of Men as I [am] affraid will be under my direct'n, unless we are reinforced from Home, as large Detachm'ts will be imediate[ly] necessary, and must be employ'd in garrisoning those Forts (sh'd we be successful in our Enterprize), and one y't is already built at a Place called Will's Creek, on Potom'k, by way of Magazine for the Forces y't shall be employ'd in this Service. And if we find there is the least Prospect of succeeding therein, I will make an attempt, with our American Strength, on the Forts w'ch the French have built near Lake Erie, up the River Buffaloe. And You will be pleased to assure his Majesty y't Nothing shall be wanting, on my Part, to perform it, tho' I hope y't the strength of the Enemy in those Parts, and their Superious Knowledge of the Co'try proposed for the Scene of Act'n, as well as their numerous Allies among the Ind'n Nations, will be taken into Considerat'n, lest my utmost Endeavours and Success with an Inferior Force sh'd not answer His M'ty's Royal Expectations.