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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Articles of agreement between North Carolina and South Carolina concerning the boundary
North Carolina; South Carolina
April 23, 1735
Volume 05, Pages 374-375

[From MSS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

At a meeting of the commissioners appointed by His Excellency Robert Johnston Eqr Governor of South Carolina on behalf of that province, with Commrs appointed by his Excellency Gabriel Johnston Esqr Governor of North Carolina on the part of the said province to settle and adjust the boundary line between the two provinces this 23d of April 1735—Present the honble Alexander Skine, James Abercrombie, William Walters Esqrs on the part and behalf of the province of South Carolina—The honble Robert Halton, Eleazer Allen, Matthew Rowan, Edward Mosely, and Roger Moore Esqrs members of his Majesty's council on behalf of the province of North Carolina. In order to preserve and maintain a good correspondence between the inhabitants of both the said provinces and to prevent any future contests relating to the boundarys between the same, the following articles were this day agreed and concluded by and between the aforesaid commissioners, being as near as may be agreeable to the sense of his Majestys royal instructions for settling the said boundary.

1st That the line to be run shall begin at the sea, thirty miles distance from the West side of the mouth of Cape Fear river.

2d That from thence a line be run on a Northwest course to the Latitude of 35 degrees North, and from thence due west to the South Seas.

3d That if the said Northwest course before it reaches to the Latitude 35 degrees, shall fall within five miles of pee dee river, then a course shall be run paralel to that river at five miles distance to the Latitude 35 degrees north, and from thence a due west course as before; provided that such paralel line do not approach nearer to Cape Fear river than thirty miles and in such case a Northwest course shall be continued from that place where it shall be found to approach within the said thirty miles of Cape Fear river

4th That if the said West line shall take in any part of the Nations of Indians called the Cherokees or Catabas then such line shall be set off so as to include the said indians within the Government of South Carolina

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until such line shall again come to the latitude of 35 degrees and from thence on a due west line as before.

5th That the above articles be jointly and interchangably executed to each other by the respective Commissioners of both provinces under their several hands and seals.