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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Bond from Thomas Barrow for performance as deputy receiver for Hyde County
Barrow, Thomas; Gibbs, Henry; Mixon, George
September 05, 1755
Volume 05, Pages 423-424

[From MSS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

Know all men by these Presents that we Thomas Barrow Henry Gibbs & George Mixon all of the County Hyde in the province of North Carolina Planters Are held and firmly bound unto our Sovereign Lord the now King his heirs and Successors in the sum of One thousand Pounds Proclamation Money To which payment well and Truely to be made, We Bind ourselves and Each of ourselves ours Heirs Exors & Admors Jointly and Severaly firmly by these presents Sealed with our Seals and dated the fifth day of September in the twenty Ninth Year of the Reign of our said Soveign lord George the Second, And in the Year of our Lord 1755.

The Condition of the Above Obligation is such, that whereas the above Bound Thomas Barrow Deputy Receiver of his Majestys Rents

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Arrears of Rents fines and forfitures for Hyde County afs'd Shall well and truely deliver on or before the twenty fifth day of March Yearly to his Majestys Receiver General for the time being, a Just and true Account of his Proceedings, and of the sums of money he shall receive, by Virtue of his Executing of that Office upon Oath agreeable to the form to be given him by his Majestys Receiver General, and that he shall well and truely pay all sums of money as he shall receive by Virtue of his being Appointed Deputy receiver for the said County, and that he Shall make a Diligent Enquiry, and faithful return of what Lands are held by Patents Either by the late proprietors, or from his Majesty to the Southward of Earl Granville's Line, and what Quit rents they pay per Hundred Acres, and the Quantity granted in Each Patent, together with the Names of Patentee, or Occupant, holding the same, and in Case any Patentee or Occupant, shall Refuse to Shew his Patent or title or hath no Patent or title, to produce, that he Shall make a Return of the same to the Receiver General, and that he shall Acquaint the Occupant that if he delays to take out a Patent for his lands, that they Shall be granted to the first Claimant, without allowing the Occupant any Preference for the Same, upon his following these Directions, That then the above Obligation to be Void, Otherwise to Stand and Remain in full force and Virtue

Sealed and Delivered in presents of
Stephn Denning
Robert Gibbs