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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Arthur Dobbs to the Board of Trade of Great Britain
Dobbs, Arthur, 1689-1765
October 28, 1755
Volume 05, Pages 439-441

[B. P. R. O. North Carolina. B. T. Vol. 12. C. 91.]
Letter from Governor Dobbs.

My Lords [of the Board of Trade]

I called the Assembly of this Province the 25th of September last according to Prerogation But the season having been very sickly with Agues and Intermitting Fevers by a long hot dry season wherein the Beginning of this Month & all August and September have been without Rain and the latter part as Warm as the hottest in Summer and one third of the Members of the Council and Assembly laid up from time to time I closed it as soon as I could and they made great dispatch to get away I herewith enclose the Speech and Address's and shall prepare the Acts as soon as possible to be sent over the Titles of which I send to your Lordships but hope you will soon fix the Seat of Government higher up Neuse of which I wrote fully to your Lordships last May as it will take some years to make it capable of accommodating the Members and building publick Offices and the Water here is very bad the land low and sandy with some Marshes near it which adds to the Moisture and heat in the summer and autumn. The Assembly have granted a supply of £10000 £9200 of which is borrowed out of the Bills struck and not issued till

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his Majesty's pleasure is known 7500 for the purchasing of Glebes and erecting of Churches and 2000 of what was appropriated for the publick Buildings and 800 to be raised by the 2 shillings per pound upon Taxables to be paid off in five years £9000 of this is to be for the service of the Colonies Where most for his Majesty's service to raise 3 Companies of 50 Men each to be continued to the first of November 1756 If the War should continue longer I dont know how a further aid can be procured as our Currency must depreciate if any more is issued and I dont find at present that they are inclinable to keep it up £1000 is granted to build a Barrack and Fort for the Company on the Western Frontier. During this Session we have lost Mr Craven one of our Council who never attended a Council since he was first sworn except last May at Edenton his place of Residence where I held a Council and another at Bertie about 7 miles from him as parties are only smothered yet not quite laid aside I expected recommending one either from the Norward or Southward might raise the Flame so that to prevent Solicitations I was advised to recommend my son Edward Brice Dobbs The first on the Return the other two which I should recommend, are Mr Alexander McCulloh Deputy Auditor who lives in Edgcomb County near Roanoak and Mr George Moore at Cape Fear who has a great fortune and good allowances there: I was told Mr Samuel Swann late Speaker would solicite for it but as we have but two Lawyers in the Province to attend Chancery he would be much wanted and is also a leading man and servicable at present in the House. These are the reasons for recommending my son in case his Majesty's service should call him out of the Province I should procure his resignation in case of another vacancy and this might prevent the breaking out a Flame again and in case his Majesty should incline to fix him in this Province [it] might be of service in preventing a Breach I have struggled all the Session to support myself under the fever and ague in order to dispatch Business But my disorder increased on me so much the 16th of this Instant the day the Session broke up I was forced to keep my Chamber being Seized with a Lax and Dyarrhea which weakened me very much so that I could not untill this day attend to publick business But am now thank God thō weak recovering very fast. Yesterday Henry McCulloh Esqre Secretary of this Province dyed by which there is another vacancy in the Council for the Recommendation of which place I referr you to the Enclosed.

I hope your Lordships have also got my letter of August last with my Observations on the back Country and the great difficulty we ly under in not setling the Boundary line which Mr Glen did all he could to raise disputes betwixt the Provinces and setting the Catabow Indians against

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this Province alledging they are his Indians. We are at a great loss in getting any to prosecute for the crown the Deputy Attorney is ill and does not attend the Council nor prosecute when sent to Inclosed I send your Lordships a Letter of his grievances The Treasurers complain he wont prosecute the Sheriffs and others who retain money in their hands so that there is a great loss in the getting in the Taxes or finding out the arrears as the Sherrives neglect to acct what they give in Being no account Having no arrears charged to them I shall trouble your Lordships no longer in my present state of health not being able to enlarge further at this time But to assure your Lordships that I am with the greatest respect my Lords

Your Lordships most, &c.,

Newbern Octr 28th 1755.