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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Commission to appoint Henry McCulloh as commissary in North Carolina
George II, King of Great Britain, 1683-1760
December 06, 1754
Volume 05, Pages 617-621

George the Second by the Grace of God of Great Britain France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith.To our beloved Henry McCullock Esquire Greeting

We do by these presents make ordain, nominate and appoint you the said Henry McCullock Esquire to be our Commissary in North Carolina in America and Territories thereunto belonging in the Room of the

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Former deceased hereby granting unto you full power to take cognizance of and proceed in all causes civil and maritime, and in complaints, contracts, Offences, or Suspected Offences, Crimes, pleas, Debts, Exchanges, policies of assurance, accounts, Charter parties, Agreements, Bills of Loading of Ships and all matters and Contracts which in any manner whatsoever relate to freight due for ships hired and Let out, Transport money or maritime usury , or which do any ways concern Suits, Trespasses, Injuries, Extortions, Demands and Affairs Civil and Maritime whatsoever between merchants or Between owners and proprietors of Ships or other Vessels and merchants and other persons whomsoever with such owners and proprietors of Ships and all other vessels whatsoever employed or used or between any other persons howsoever had made began or contracted for any matter cause or thing, Business or Injury whatsoever done or to be done as well in, upon or by the Sea or publick streams or fresh waters, ports, Rivers Creeks and places overflowed whatsoever within the Ebbing and flowing of the Sea or high water mark as upon any of the shores or banks adjoining to them or either of them together with all and singular, Emergencies, Dependences annexed and Connexed Causes whatsoever and such Causes, Complaints, Contracts and other the promises above said or any of them howsoever the same may happen to arise be contracted, had or done To hear and determine (according to the civil and maritime Laws and Customs of our high Court of Admiralty of England) in North Carolina abovesaid and the Territories thereof and thereunto belonging whatsoever, and also with power to sit and hold Courts in any Citys Towns and places in North Carolina aforesaid for the hearing and Determining of all such Causes and Businesses, together with all and Singular their Incidents Emergencies Dependencies annexed and Connexed Causes whatsoever and to proceed judicially and according to Law in administering Justice therein and moreover to compel witnesses (in case they withdraw themselves for Interest fear favor or ill will or any other cause whatsoever to give evidence to the truth in all and Every ye Causes above mentioned according to the Exigencies of the Law and further to take all manner of recognizances Cautions obligations and Stipulations as well to our use as at the Instance of any parties for agreements or Debts and other Causes and businesses whatsoever and to put the same in Execution and to cause and command them to be Executed also duely to search and inquire of and concerning all Goods of Traitors pirates manslayers felons fugitives and felons of Themselves and concerning the Bodies of persons drown'd killed or by any other means coming to their Death in the Sea or in any Ports, Rivers, publick Streams or Creeks and
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places overflowed & also concerning Mayhem hapning in the aforesaid places & Engins Toils and nets prohibited & unlawful and the occupiers thereof And Moreover concerning Fishes Royal, namely Whales Riggs Grampasses Dolphins Sturgeons and all other Fishes whatsoever which are of a Great or very large Bulk or fatness by right or custom anyways used belonging to us and the office of our high Admiral of England and also of and concerning all casualtys at Sea, Goods wrecked, Flotzam, Jetsam, Lagon Shaves, Things raft overboard and wreck of the sea and all goods taken or to be taken as Derelict or by chance found or to be found and all other Trespasses misdeameanors offences Enormitys and Maritime crimes whatsoever done and committed or to be done and committed as well in and upon the high sea as all ports Rivers fresh waters and creeks and shores of the Sea to high water mark from all first Bridges towards the Sea in and throughout North Carolina aforesaid and the Maritime Coasts thereof and thereunto adjoining howsoever whomsoever or by what means soever arising or hapning and all such things as are Discovered and found out, as also all fines, mulcts, amercements and compositions due and to be Due in that Behalf To tax moderate, demand collect and levy and to cause the same to be demanded levied & collected and according to Law to compel and command Them to be paid and also to proceed in all and Every the causes and Business above recited and in all other contracts causes contempts and offences whatsoever howsoever contracted or arising (so that the goods or persons of the Debtors may be found within the Jurisdiction of the Vice Admiralty in North Carolina aforesd) according to the civil and Maritime Laws and customs of our said high Court of Admiralty of England antiently used and by all other Lawfull ways, means and methods according to the best of your skill and Knowledge and all such Causes and contracts to hear Examine, discuss and finally determine (saving nevertheless the Right of appealing to our afsd high Court of Admiralty of England and to the Judge or president of the said court for the time being and saving always the Right of our said high Court of Admiralty of England and also of the judge and Register of the same court from whom or either of them it is not our Intention in anything to derogate by these presents) and also to arrest and cause and command to be arrested all ships, persons and Things Goods wares and merchandizes for the premises and every of them and for other causes whatsoever concerning the same wheresoever They shall be met with or found within North Carolina aforesaid and Territories of the same either within Libertys or without and to compel all manner of persons in that behalf as the case shall require to appear and to answer with power of using any temporal Coertion and of Inflicting
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any other penalty or mulct according to the Laws and Customs aforesaid and to do and Minister Justice according to the Right order and course of the Law, summarily and plainly looking only into the Truth of the fact and we Impower you in this behalf to fine, correct, punish chastise and reform and imprison and cause and command to be imprisoned in any Gaols being within North Carolina aforesaid and Maritime places of the same the partys Guilty and Violators of the Law and Jurisdiction of our Admirality aforesaid and usurpers Delinquents, contumations, Absenters, Masters, Masters of Ships, Mariners, Rowers, fishermen, Shipwrights and other workmen and artificers whomsoever Exercising any kind of Maritime affairs, as well according to the aforementioned Civil and Maritime Laws and Ordinances and Customs aforesaid and their Demerits as according to the Statutes and Ordinances aforesaid and those of our Kingdom of Great Britain for the Admiralty of England in that Behalf made and provided and to Deliver & absolutely discharge and Cause and Command to be Discharged whatsoever persons imprisoned in such cases who are to be delivered and to promulge and Interpose all manner of Sentences and Decrees and to put the same in Execution and Cognizance and Jurisdiction of whatsoever other Causes Civil and Maritime which relate to the Sea or which any manner of ways respect or concern the Sea or passage over the same or naval or Maritime voyages performed or to be performed or the Maritime Jurisdiction abovesaid with power also to proceed in the same according to the Civil and Maritime Laws and Customs of the aforesaid Court antiently used as well those of Meer Office miet or promoted as at the Instance of any party as the Case shall require and seem Convenient. And we do by these presents which are to continue during our Royal Will and pleasure only further give and Grant unto you Henry McCullock Esquire our said Commissary the power of taking and knowing all and every the wages, fees, profitts, advantages and commoditys whatsoever in any manner due and antiently belonging to the said office according to the Custom of our high Court of Admiralty of England committing unto you our power and authority concerning all and singular the premises in the several places above expressed (Saving in all things the prerogative of our high Court of Admiralty of England aforesaid) together with power of Deputing and surrogating in your place for and concerning the premises one or more Deputy or Deputys as often as you shall think fitt Further We do in our name command and finally & strictly charge all and singularly our Governors, Commanders Justices of the peace Mayors, Sheriffs Marshalls Keepers of all our Gaols and prisons, Baliffs Constables and all other our officers
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and Ministers and faithful and liege subjects in and throughout North Carolina aforesaid and the Territories thereof and thereunto belonging That in the Execution of this our Commission they be from time to time aiding assisting & yield obedience in all Things as is fitting unto you & your Deputy whomsoever under pain of the Law and the peril which will fall thereon

Given at London in the high Court of our Admiralty of England aforesaid under the Great Seal thereof the Sixth Day of December in the Year of our Lord one Thousand Seven hundred and fifty four and of our Reign the Twenty Eighth

SAMl HILL Register.