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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Samuel Swann to Arthur Dobbs
Swann, Samuel, 1704-1774
October 14, 1756
Volume 05, Page 633

[B. P. R. O. Am: & W. Ind: Vol. 70.]
Letter to Governor Dobbs.

The House have prepared an Humble Address to his Majesty to thank him for the wise and Prudent care he has shewn in the Measures taken for the Preservation of his American Subjects against the Incroachments of the French King. To Assure him of their Readiness to Hazard their lives and fortunes in the Defence of his Sacred Person and Illustrous House and Dominions. To Represent the Defenceless Condition of this Province and to request that he will be Graciously pleased to Order Artillery and Ordnance Stores for the Use of His Forts on the Sea Coast and Soldiers to Garison the same, And have resolved to use our best Endeavours to make such Provision for the Soldiers His Majesty shall be pleased to Send as is Usually made by the Neighbouring Provinces for the Independant Companies. And desire that your Excelly will be pleased to receive the said Address and Cause it to be Transmitted and laid before His Majesty.

14th of October 1756.