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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Circular letter from William Pitt, Earl of Chatham to the American governors
Pitt, William, Earl of Chatham, 1708-1778
December 30, 1757
Volume 05, Pages 791-792

[B. P. R. O Am: & W. Ind: Vol. 75.]
Circular to the Governors in North America.

Whitehall 30th Decr 1757.


The King having judged proper, that the Earl of Loudoun should return to England; And His Majesty having been pleased to appoint Major General Abercromby to succeed his Lordship, as Commander in Chief of the King's Forces in North America, with the same Powers and Authorities; I am commanded to signify to you His Majesty's Pleasure, that you do apply to, and correspond with, Major General Abercromby, on all Matters relating to the King's Service, and that you do obey such Orders as you shall receive from Him, in the same manner as you were directed to do, with regard to the several former Commanders in Chief in North America; and you will, from Time to Time, give Mr. Abercromby all the Assistance and Lights in your Power, in all Matters relative to the Command, with which the King has honored Him.

And I am particularly to signify to you His Majesty's Pleasure that in Case Major General Abercromby, or the Commander in Chief of His Majesty's Forces, shall at any time apply to you to lay an Embargo on all Ships within your Province you do strictly comply with the said Request for so long a time as the Commander in Chief shall desire.

The King having resolved to send a Considerable Squadron of Ships of War, the ensuing Year, to North America, I am further to signify to you His Majesty's Pleasure, that you do, from time to time, transmit

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to the Commander in Chief of the King's ships in North America, all Intelligence, relative to his Department, in the same Manner as you were directed to do by my Letter of the 19th of last February, to Vice Admiral Holburne; & it is also the King's Pleasure, that you do, on any Application from the Commander in Chief of the King's Ships, use all legal Methods to supply him with such a Number of Sailors, & workmen, from your Province, as he shall at any time require for His Majesty's Service.

I am &c.,