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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Power of attorney for John Campbell and Henry Eustace McCulloh to act for Joshua Willcocks, Joseph Robson, and Henry McCulloh
McCulloh, Henry, ca. 1700-1779; Willcocks, Joshua; Robson, Joseph
March 13, 1761
Volume 06, Pages 532-536

[From MSS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

To all to Whom these Presents shall come We Joseph Willcocks

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of the City of Dublin in the Kingdom of Ireland merchant and Jos Robson of the City of Bristol in the Kingdom of Great Britain merchant both devises in Trust named in the last Will and Testament of Joshua Willcocks late of Bristol aforesaid merchant deceased and Henry McCulloh of the Parish of Chiswick in the County of Middlesex and Kingdom of Great Britain Esqr send greeting. Whereas the said Henry McCulloh under and by virtue of an order of his late majesty in Council bearing date the 19th day of May one thousd Seven hundred & thirty seven and of sundry Grants passed the third day of March one thousand seven hundred & forty five old still [style] under the seal of the Province of North Carolina in America in Pursuance thereof was & still is Intitled in his own right to Diverse large Tracts of Land in the sd Province of No Carolina and amongst the Rest to Eight Grants passed under the Seal of the said Province and Dated the 3d day of March one thousd seven hundred & forty five old Still [style] as aforesaid Each Grant Containing Twelve Thousand five Hundred Acres of Land Situate on Pedee River and the Branches thereof in No Carolina aforesaid Amounting together to one hundred Thousand Acres of Land and Commonly called or Known by the name of the Tract No 7 and also to Eight other late tracts passed and Dated as is aforesaid Each grant also containg Twelve Thousand five Hundred Acres of land situate & lying on Cape Fear and Aramantia Rivers in the Province aforesaid making together one hundred Thousand Acres of Land more and Commonly called or known by the name of the Tract No 11 all which said before mentioned Grants are now on Record in the said Province of No Carolina

And Whereas the said Henry McCulloh and the said Mr. Joshua Willcocks deceased had in the life time of the said Joshua Willcocks a great friendship & large Intercourse of Business subsisting Between them the said Henry McCulloh and Joshua Willcocks in the course of which the said Joshua Willcocks was desirous to be concerned Equally wh the sd Henry McCulloh in the sd two tracts known by the name of the tract No 7 and the tract No 11 And Whereas the said Henry McCulloh did thereupon by Certain Indenture of Release bearing date the 23 day of March one Thousd seven hundd & forty nine Preceeded by a lease for a year for the Consideration in the sd Indenture of Release mentioned Grant & Release to the said Joshua Willcocks hisheirs and assigns One moiety or half part undivided of the sixteen Grants of Land above mentioned to have been Granted to the said Henry McCulloh by the several Grants

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abovementioned amounting in the whole to Two hundd Thousand Acres of Land as subdivided from the said Tracts or Plan No 7 & No 11

And whereas the said Henry McCulloh & Joshua Wilcocks in consequence of the above set forth Indenture of Release did Become Jointly & Equally Concerned in and Intitled unto the said Two Tracts of land in fee simple and Joined in Executing Powers of Attorney and other matters for the management and Disposal of the said lands and bore an Equal Proportion of the Charges attending the same. And Whereas the said Joshua Wilcocks is now lately dead having just made his Will duly authenticated and Proved Bearing date the thirteenth day of May one Thousand seven hundd and fifty five Whereby Amongst other things he devised his share and Interest in the sd Joint Estate lying in North Carolina as aforesaid to the before mentioned Joseph Robson and Joseph Willcocks In trust for his Nephew Joshua Willcocks an Infant and the Infant Children of His Brothers and Sisters Isachar Willcocks John Willcocks Joseph Willcocks Thomas Willcocks Hannah Bare Crofte Susanna Griffiths and Eliza Hubard all of the Kingdom of Ireland aforesd in Equal moietys with Benefit of survivorship in case of either of them dying before their Respective attainments to the age of Twenty one years by means whereof the management of the said Joint share of the said Mr. Willcocks deceased in the Lands devised as aforesaid rests upon the said Joseph Willcocks and Joseph Robson And Whereas on Account of the Death of the said late Mr. Joshua Willcocks and on Accot of the Several other matters it is absolutely necessary for us the said Joseph Willcocks & Joseph Robson as Trustees as aforesaid and Henry McCulloh to Employ and Empower some Persons to take care of and manage and Dispose of such our said Joint Interest and Property in No Carolina aforesaid for the use & Benefit of the said Henry McCulloh & Joseph Willcocks & Joseph Robson In trust for the said Joshua Willcocks an Infant and the Infant Children of said Joshua Willcocks his Brothers & Sisters above mentioned Now Know all Men by these Presents that we the said Joseph Willcocks and Joseph Robson and Henry McCulloh Have and Each of us Hath made ordained Constituted Authorized Nominated & appointed and by these Presents Do and each of us Doth make ordain Constitute Authorize Nominate and appoint John Campbell Esquire mercht in No Carolina aforesaid and Henry Eustace McCulloh son of the said Henry McCulloh our true and lawfull attorney & attorney's Jointly and severally for us and each of us and in our and each of our name

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and names to perform all manner of Lawfull Acts and Things relative to the Premises in as full and ample manner as we or any of us might or could do being Personally present and among other things We do Empower and Authorize our said Attorney and Attorney's Jointly and severally for us & in Our Names and Right our advantage to lett sell Bargain Dispose of or attain in fee or otherwise any part or Parts of the Lands Contained in the said two tracts of One hundred Thousand Acres Each Known by the name of the Tract No 7 and the Tract No 11 to any Person or Persons whatsoever and in such Quantity or Quantitys and manner as they shall see fitt and Judge most for our advantage And also Jointly or severally on Our Behalf to make seal & Execute and in due form of law deliver good & sufficient deeds of Conveyance or other Writings to the persons Purchasing the same And we do hereby further authorize and Empower our said attorney or attorney's Jointly or severally to bring any Bill action or suit or other proceedure for the Recovery of Quit Rents or other sums of money grown or to grow due to us or any or other of us for or on our accot of the before mentioned lands from any Person whatsoever and to recover & Receive and give acquittances for the same And likewise to use all such legal & Equitable meathods [to] preserve our Joint title and Right in the said Lands secure and unmolested against all persons whatsoever as to them or either of them shall seem fitting and an Attorney or Attorney's under them or either of them for the Purposes aforesaid Jointly or severally to make & to revoke And I the said Henry McCulloh do hereby Revoke & annull all of any former Power or Powers of Attorney heretofore given by me jointly with the said Joshua Willcocks deceased or otherwise to any person whatsoever to act relative to the said two Tracts called No 7 & No 11. And I hereby declare that no act or Deed to be done under any such former Powers after notice of these Presents had is to be Deemed or taken as my act or Deed, And lastly We the said Joseph Willcocks, Joseph Robson & Henry McCulloh do by these Presents authorize and Impower our said Attorney or Attorney's & each of them Jointly or severally to do and perform all manner of Act or Acts Thing or Things in and about the management Safety & Disposal of the Premises herein mentioned as fully and in as ample manner as We or Any or Either of us might or could lawfully Do being personally present Hereby Ratifying Allowing & Confirming all & Whatsoever our said Attorney or Attorneys or either of them shall Jointly or severally lawfully do or cause to be done in and about the Premises by virtue of these Presents In Witness whereof
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we the said Joseph Willcocks & Joseph Robson and Henry McCulloh and Each of us Have hereunto Sett our hands & seals this thirteenth day of march In the first Year of the Reign of Our Sovereign Lord George the Third by the Grace of God of Great Britain France & Ireland King Defender of the Faith and so forth and in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven hundred and sixty one.


Sealed and Delivered by the above named Joseph Willcocks (the Parchment being first legally stampt) in the Presence of

Mayor of the City of
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Sealed and Delivered by the above named Joseph Robson (the Parchmt being first Legally stampt) in the Presence of


Sealed & Delivered by the above named Henry McCulloh (being first duly Stampt) in the Presence of


Registered in the Office in Orange County in Book G Page (96)

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