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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Charles Wyndham, Earl of Egremont to Arthur Dobbs
Egremont, Charles Wyndham, Earl of, 1710-1763
January 07, 1762
Volume 06, Pages 697-698

[From MSS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

Whitehall, January 7th 1762.

Sir, [Governor Dobbs]

His Majesty, having found it necessary to declare War against the King of Spain, was pleased, in a Council, held, on Saturday last, at St James's for that purpose, to sign the inclosed Declaration, and to

-------------------- page 698 --------------------
order that the same should be published on Monday, the 4th Instant, by the Heralds at Arms, in the usual Places, and with the accustomed Formalities, which has been accordingly done, You will find the just and indispensable Reasons, which have forced The King to take this Measure, so fully set forth in the above Declaration of War, that I am only to signify to you His Majesty's Pleasure, that you do cause the same to be proclaimed in the Province of North Carolina, under your Government, in order that the King's Subjects, having this Notice, may take Care to prevent any Mischief, which, otherwise, They might suffer from the Enemy, and do their Duty, in their several Stations, to distress and annoy the Subjects of Spain; and his Majesty would have you be very rigorous and severe in preventing any Provisions, Ammunitionz or Stores, of any kind, from being carried to them, And you are to use all proper Methods that may be most effectual for that Purpose.

I am Sir &c

P. S. His Majesty has been pleased to order Letters of Marque, or Commissions to Privateers, to be granted in the usual Manner.