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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Jeffrey Amherst, Baron Amherst to Arthur Dobbs
Amherst, Jeffrey Amherst, Baron, 1717-1797
February 21, 1762
Volume 06, Pages 705-706

[From MSS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Letter from General Amherst to Governor Dobbs

New York 21. Febry. 1762.

Sir—As I had acquainted you in my Letter of the 9th instant that I had been honoured with his Majesty's Commands for compleating the regular Corps serving in No America, by Recruits to be raised by the several Provinces, on such Terms and Conditions as I shod propose, In Consequence of these Commands & in Obedience thereto, I have duly considered not only the Numbers that will be necessary to be furnished by the respective Colonies, but the Encouragement to be given to induce the Men voluntarily to enter into the Service, wch I am persuaded will, if properly backed by the Provinces, have the desired Effect.

The Number of Men expected from your Province for this Service with the Method proposed for raising them, I shall now lay before you, and the Earl of Egremont's Letter, which I herewth enclose to you, will shew you how much the King has this Measure at heart, and how disagreeable any failure or Disappointment therein wod be to his Majesty.

The Quota to be furnished by your Province agreeable to the Proportions from the other Colonies is One hundred and thirty four Men. I must therefore most earnestly request you will use your utmost Influence with the Assembly to raise that Number over and above those already demanded by my Letter of the 9th instant, by paying them the same Levy Money as to the others, and as an Encouragement to induce the Men to enter into the Regular Service, I propose to allow five pounds New York Currency Bounty Money to each Man not under 18 nor above 40 years of Age who shall enlist to serve during this War, or until the Regiments return to Europe:

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They shall be cloathed and enter into immediate pay without any further Expence to your Province, than their first levying; And at the Expiration of their time, as above mentioned, shall be sent back to their respective homes: And In order to encourage the Provincial Officers to forward this essential Service, I leave it to you to appoint any Officer or Officers, you shall think proper, to persuade the Men to enter into the Regular Service on the above Conditions, for every one of which that he shall so enlist, and that is approved of by a regular Officer whom I shall appoint for that purpose, the sd Provincial Officer shall receive a Reward of 40 Shillings New York Currency; It will therefore be necessary that I have the earliest Notice of the Time when you think the Men will be raised, that I may send an Officer to approve of them, receive them, and to pay the Bounty and reward as already promised.

I have only to add that to render the Service effectual, and prevent Desertion, I shall expect the Province will provide for replacing such Men as do desert, which, when known, I am persuaded will prevent any of them from leaving their Corps, since they cannot expect Protection in the Colonies.

You will please to observe that the Execution of this Measure must by no Means retard or interfere with the Requisition made by His Majesty for the Provincial Service: The King ever mindful of the Ease and Welfare of his faithful Subjects demands only such Assistance as may be granted without subjecting them to any heavy Burthen; & therefore has been pleased to make his Requisitions agreable thereto. And I trust from your known Zeal for His Majesty's Honour and the good of the Service, you will enforce the Necessity of both Measures, when you meet your Assembly, in such a Manner, that, as these Measures are calculated for the Prosecution of a War, in which the immediate Security & future Interests of the Provinces are so essentially concerned, they will chearfully and readily comply with his Majesty's Commands; and thereby approve themselves faithful and obedient Subjects to the best of Kings.

I am, with great Regard Sir &c