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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Jeffrey Amherst, Baron Amherst to Arthur Dobbs
Amherst, Jeffrey Amherst, Baron, 1717-1797
March 25, 1762
Volume 06, Page 708

-------------------- page 708 --------------------
[From MSS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Letter from General Amherst

New York 25 March 1762

Sir, [Governor Dobbs]

An Officer arrived here last night with Letters from Majr Genl Monckton giving me an Account of the signal Success of His Majesty's Arms under his Command in the entire Reduction of the Island of Martinique, on which great and glorious News I most heartily congratulate you.

The Citadel of Fort Royal surrendered by Capitulation (the Garrison becoming Prisoners of War) on the 4th Febry in Consequence of two Defeats the Enemy received on the 24th & 27th Jany in their outposts, where it seems they had every Advantage of Situation they wou'd wish for; but our Troops with the most irresistable Impetuosity carried every thing before them Immediately on the Surrender of Fort Royal Deputies from a Majority of the Quarters of the Island came in, and submitted to Terms of Capitulation, whereby they became Subjects of Great Britain; And on the 13th Febry Mr. De LaTouche the French Governor, sent Proposals of Capitulation, which having been agreed upon, Genl Monckton took Possession of St Pusses and the whole Island on the 16th

What adds greatly to this Conquest is that it has been accomplished with the loss of very few Men, among whom there is not one officer of Distinction.

By a Letter I recd last night from Mr. Hancock at Boston he assures me that a Vessel arrived at Marblehead had brought certain Accounts of a Spanish War having been declared in England the the 5th Jany Altho I have not this from any Authority I can't help mentioning it that you may make what use you think proper of it, to rouse your Assembly to exert themselves with a becoming Spirit, at a time when His Majesty's Arms, in humbling the Pride of one Enemy, is threatened by another power no less formidable.

I am with great Regard Sir &c