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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Power of attorney to appoint John Rutherford to act for Paul Whitehead
Whitehead, Paul, 1710-1774
May 14, 1762
Volume 06, Pages 717-718

-------------------- page 717 --------------------
[From MSS. Records in Office of the Secretary of State.]

Know all men by these presents that I Paul Whitehead of Twickenham in the County of Middx Gentleman one of the Testamentary Guardians appointed by the Will of George Burrington Esqr late Governor of North Carolina deceased for the Use and Benefit of George Burrington his Son & Admin'tor with the will of George Burrington dec'd annexed Have made Ordained Constituted and Appointed and in my place and Stead put In and by these presents Do make Ordain Constitute & Appoint and in my place and stead put John Rutherford of Wilmington in North Carolina aforesaid Esqr my true and Lawfull Attorney for me and in my Name to ask Demand Sue for Recover and Receive as Administrator with the will of the said George Burrington Esqr Annexed of and from Frederick Gregg of Wilmington in North Carolina aforesaid Esqr all moneys whatsoever now due or to grow to me as Administrator with the Will of George Burrington Senr Annexed abovesaid from him on any Account whatsoever and also to Receive & Take possession of all the Estate or Estates real or personal late of or belonging to the said late Governor George Burrington for me and in my Name as well as all the Slaves & Utensils upon or Concerning the plantation or Plantations or otherwise at North Carolina aforesaid and on not paying the said Moneys or Debts & every part and on not delivering possession of the said Estates at North Carolina aforesaid & every of them for me and in my Name to Sue Arrest implead imprison and prosecute the said Frederick Gregg Esqr and all other persons concerned herein and pretend any Claim thereto either at Law or in Equity and in such Suit or Suits to proceed to Judgment Sentence & Execution or decree Respectively & on paying the same & delivering possession of the said Estate or Estates with all costs of such suit or suits the sd Frederick Gregg Esqr and all other persons concerned therein forth of prison & discharge and also Account with all and every person or persons whatsoever in any Respect relating to the said premises and all manner of Acquittances Releases and discharges either general or Special for me and in my name to make give Seal and deliver thereupon And also to do perform and Execute all and every other Lawfull & Reasonable Act and Acts Thing & things whatsoever both for Obtaining & discharging of the said premises above mentioned and every part thereof as shall be Reasonable and necessary to be done Giving and by these presents granting Unto my said Attorney my full and absolute power in all and Singular the said premises

-------------------- page 718 --------------------
Ratifying & holding firm all and whatsoever my said Attorney shall Lawfully do or Cause to be done in and about all the said premises by Virtue or means of these presents

In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my Hand & Seal this 14th day of May in the Second Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third by the Grace of God of Great Britain France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith & so forth and in the Year of Our Lord 1762