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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John MacDowell to Daniel Burton [Extract]
MacDowell, John, 1717-1763
February 23, 1763
Volume 06, Pages 966-967

[From North Carolina Letter Book. S. P. G.]
Mr. Macdowell to the Secretary (Ext.)

Brunswick, Feby 23d 1763.

Revd Sir:

I was just got into a very comfortable state after my 9 years of great fatigue, severe duty and small allowance to support me, having only, what my Poor Parish, could afford which was not better than £50 Sterl per annm, but considering the excessive high prices of everything here, was not so good as £20 Sterl. at home, but just before this happend I had the happiness of having the Societys allowance of £50 Sterl per annm and last session our assembly was so kind as to allow all the Clergymen in the Province an augmentation in their Salary, having raised it from £100 proc. money, to £100 Sterl. that is an adition of £13.6.8 a year. And his Excellency Govr Dobbs has been so good to me, to promise me £20 per year for officiating as Chaplain in his family, which I had done for some time until this woful sickness obliged me to desist, and I have been kept confined all this winter to my chamber; only some few days when I have been able I have officiated to my inhabitants of the Town of Brunswick. Just before I was taken so bad, that I have not been able to ride about, I was out at one of my Chapels and administered the Sacrament of the Lords Supper for the first time in that Chapel to 6 Communicants; I was able also to administer the Eucharist in Town at Xmas, and had as usual 12 Communicants, whereof 2 were negroes, I have likewise baptized 7 children during my sickness, one

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of them a mulatto, and married several Couples that came to me from the County—.