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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Tryon to Jacob Lobb or Constantine Phipps
Tryon, William, 1729-1788
February 19, 1766
Volume 07, Page 179

-------------------- page 179 --------------------

Brunswick 19th February 1766


Between the Hours of Six and Seven O'clock this Evening Mr George Moore and Mr Corns Harnett waited on me at my House, and delivered to me a Letter signed by three Gentlemen: The Inclosed is the Copy from the Original. I told Mr Moore & Mr Harnett, that as I had no fears or Apprehensions for my person or property I wanted no Guard, therefore desired the Gentlemen might not come to give their Protection where it was not necessary or required. And that I would send the Gentlemen an Answer in Writing tomorrow morning. Mr Moore & Mr Harnett might stay about five or Six Minutes in my House, Instantly after their leaving me I found my House surrounded with armed Men to the Number I estimate of One Hundred and fifty. I had some altercation with some of the Gentlemen who informed me their Business was to see Capt Lobb; whom they were informed was at my House. Capt Paine then desired me to give my Word and Honour whether Capt Lobb was in my House or not, I positively refused to make any such Declaration, but as they had Force in their Hands, I said they might break open my Locks and force my Doors. This they declared they had no intention of doing. Just after this and other Discourse, they got Intelligence that Capt Lobb was not in my House. The Majority of the Men in Arms then went towards the Town of Brunswick, and left a Number of Men to watch the Avenues of my House, therefore think it doubtfull, If I can get this Letter safely conveyed. I esteem it my Duty to inform you as Fort Johnston has but one Officer, and Five Men in Garrison, the Fort will stand in need of all the assistance the Viper and Diligence Sloops can give the Commanding Officer there should any Insult be offered to His Majesty's Fort or Stores; In which Case it is my Duty to request of you to repel Force with Force; and to take on Board His Majesty's Sloops so much of His Majesty's Ordnance, Stores and Ammunition out of the said Fort as you shall think necessary, for the Benefit of the Service.

I am Sir &c
To the Commanding Officer either of the Viper or Diligence Sloops of War.