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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Jacob Lobb to William Tryon, including related certification
Lobb, Jacob, d. 1773
February 22, 1766
Volume 07, Page 184

-------------------- page 184 --------------------


I beg leave to acquaint Your Excellency that by my Order on the 5th Instant there was a Demand for Provisions given to the Contractors Agent Mr William Dry, for the Use of the Compliment of Men on board His Majesty's Sloop under my Command, which Demand is not complied with, and I find by a Certificate from Mr Dry the Provisions were denied being brought to His Majesty's Sloop by the Inhabitants of Wilmington. I must beg leave to acquaint Your Excellency that there is no more bread on board than to serve the Sloops Company tomorrow, and do request Your Excellency's advice. Inclosed Your Excellency will receive a Copy of Mr Dry's Certificate.

I am with Respect
Your Excellency's &c

Viper Sloop Cape Fear Febr 22d 1766.
To His Excellency Govr Tryon.

Copy of the Contractor Agent His Certificate

These are to Certify that there was a Demand made to me by Captain Jacob Lobb of His Majesty's Sloop Viper for a Supply of Provisions for the said Sloop on the Fifth Instant, and that there was a Boat and Hands sent by me to Wilmington for the same, that the Men belonging to the Boat were taken up and put into Goal that the Inhabitants and People of the Province would not suffer any Provisions to be Shipt on board the Boat for the Use of His Majesty's Sloop.


Dated at Brunswick. February 21st 1766.