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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Houston to William Tryon
Houston, William, d. ca. 1795
April 21, 1766
Volume 07, Pages 198-199

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[B. P. R. O. North Corolina. B. T. Vol. 14. E. 96.]
Letter from Dr Houston (Stamp Agent) to Governor Tryon

Soracte 21st April 1766

May it please your Excellency


Before this comes to hand you will be partly informed of the Transactions at Wilmington on Tuesday the 15th inst.

I make bold to acquaint you of a part which is to be depended upon, that the Sons of Liberty never got into their hands 'Tis a letter from Mr Brettel Secretary to the Commissioners dated from the Stamp Office Lincolns Inn London 13th of September 1765. which is in my Possession what was took from me was the packet containing my Commission and my Deputation Instructions with a Bond ready filled up to be executed before your Excellency. In Obedience to which I should have done myself the honor to have waited on your Excellency and as affairs stand at present its impossible for me to comply by the Information the Letter gives; Those Ships are not yet arrived on Board of which the Stamps are for this Province under my care and when they arrive can I possibly take possession untill the people are convinced when that is I am ready on notice But for me who by the nature of my Commission am hated, abhor'd and detested. No friend to consult or assist, Even those that would or could have not courage to do, is a great Hardship and well may I say with Ovid “Nullus ad amissas ibit amicos opes” As on the other hand it doth take place I may prophesy the other verse “Donec eris multos Numerabis Amicos” I beg and hope your Excellency will not expose this letter but after perusal commit it to the Flames. Necessity which makes me open my want of a Friendly advice I think Mr John Moses De Rosset would not refuse your Excellency a Copy of a Bond, Instructions and Commission which is lodged in his hands I most humbly desire your Excellencys Pardon for writing to you in this manner my only hope is your Excellencys Generous and Humane Disposition for unfortunate Persons, of which I am one, being much cast down by the usage I have received that I hardly know what I do.

Having Experienced the Mode of Base Persons in this Part of the World detaining of Letters and even destroying them makes me

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send this by my son William who is going to Philadelphia with a small venture of his Own

I am with the greatest duty &c

P. S. No Gilt Paper or I would have wrote upon it.