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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Reed to Daniel Burton
Reed, James, d. 1777
July 20, 1766
Volume 07, Pages 241-242

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[N. C. Letter Book S. P. G.]
Letter from Mr Reed to the Secretary

Newbern July 20th 1766

Revd Sir,

I can now with pleasure inform you that our Schoolhouse is at length enclosed and that it is a large and decent Edifice for such a Young Country forty five feet in length and thirty in breadth and has already cost upwards of three hundred pounds this currency—The whole subscription is now entirely expended and I have preached and begged in his behalf, till the suppliant is entirely weary and charity cold—The floors are not laid, and the chimneys not built—I have therefore sent a Bill of Exchange for my last half years salary to New York to purchase Bricks for the Chimneys and intend at the next session of Assembly which will be held here in November next to recommend the undertaking from the pulpit and endeavor if possible to advance the subscription T'would give me great satisfaction to see a little flourishing academy in this place—I have this affair much at heart and the difficulties I have met with have given me much uneasiness—Mr Tomlinson received a small additional stipend last Easter Monday—The Vestry then agreed to pay him Twelve pounds perannum for attending the Church in Newbern at such times as I am obliged to be absent and attend the several Chapels—I have furnished him with Tillotsons Sermons and the congregation attends very regularly—He is about Thirty years old, wants to settle himself for life, and is very desirous to know whether he shall receive any encouragement from the Society.

Mr Morton arrived here about the 18th of last Month from the Northward and stayed with me to refresh himself a few days, then proceeded to Brunswick to wait upon the Governor and from thence intended to Mecklenburgh County.—But on his arrival at Brunswick, he was very creditably, and I believe, very truly informed, that the inhabitants of that County evaded the Vestry Act by electing the most rigid dissenters for Vestrymen who would not qualify; that the county abounded with Dissenters of various denominations and particularly with Covenanters Seceders Anabaptists and New Lights; that he would meet with a very cold, if any reception at all have few or no hearers and lead a very uneasy life—Such disagreeable relations quite discouraged Mr. Morton from proceeding

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any further—He therefore thought proper with the Governors consent to return and settle in Northampton County in the Northern part of this province where I flatter myself he will be kindly received, be of real service, and meet with the venerable society's approbation—I have visited Saint Johns Parish twice during these last six months and baptized in all fifty Children.—

Yours &c.