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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Salisbury District Superior Court [Extracts]
North Carolina. Superior Court of Law & Equity (Salisbury District)
September 22, 1766 - September 29, 1766
Volume 07, Pages 255-256

[From the Court Records of Rowan County.]

North Carolina
Salisbury, to wit,

22 September 1766

At a Superior Court of Justice begun & held for the district of Salisbury at the Court House in Salisbury, on the 22nd day of Sept in the Year of our Lord 1766, before the Hon James Hasell Esq his Majesty's Chief Justice and the Honorable Edmund Fanning Esq his Majesty's Assistant Justice for the district aforesaid &c,

The Hon—James Hasell Esq, and Edmund Fanning Esq,

Court adjourned till tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock

∗           ∗           ∗           ∗           ∗           ∗           ∗           ∗           ∗

Isaac Edwards Esq, this day came into open Court and qualified as an Attorney of this Court, by taking the oath &c, appointed by law, This day the Court was pleased to appoint Isaac Edwards Esq Attorney for the King in the absence of Mr Hooper &c,

Court adjourned until tomorrow 11 oclock,

Met according to adjournment.

The Hon—James Hasell Esq C. J.
Edmund Fanning Esq A. J.

Then came into open Court and was naturalized according to Law, the following persons, to wit, Frederick Fraley George Logall,

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George Adwicke & Chris Blake, by taking the oaths by law prescribed,

The Court adjourned till Monday Morning at 9 oclock,

Met according to adjournment,

The Hon—James Hasell Esq, & Edmund Fanning.

William Hooper Esq, this day came into open Court, and was qualified as Attorney for the King for the Superior Court for the District of Salisbury under Robt Jones Jr Esq Attorney General for said province &c.