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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Address by Ostenaco to William Tryon concerning the boundary between North Carolina and Cherokee land
Ostenaco, Cherokee chief, 1705?-1777?
June 02, 1767
Volume 07, Pages 464-466

June 2d 1767.
Jud's Friend's Talk to Governor Tryon in Answer to his Excellency's Talk delivered yesterday at Tyger River Camp.

We have met here and smoked together as brothers in the presence of him who sees above and in remembrance of great George over the water

I am going now to give you a talk listen well and remember what it is, my intention is good and the man above is witness to it, my talk is straight and good

I met you here and heard your talk already and you have met warriors

You have left your place of residence and we have also left ours and met here to remember his Majesty's talks.

The man above is witness here You are not the first Governor I have had talks with, I have met Governors before and had talks with them and have not forgot them, but hold them fast

(Gives a string of white beads).

I remember the meeting at Augusta with four Governors where were the Chicassahs, the Choctahs, Creeks and Catawbas, where I heard his Majesty's talk which I have not forgot nor never shall,

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I have come here with a few of my people, but they remember his Majesty's talk. The man above is witness that my talk is straight and good and that it is my desire that there shall be nothing dark no more but all straight and right. I have met your Excellency here and it is the first meeting I ever had from your government. I hope our talks will be straight and right.

My talk is the sentiments of all our nation as well as those who are present of the head beloved man in Chota, and of them all that I deliver here.

The talks of your Excellency, the Governor of South Carolina, our father Stuart and the Governors of Virginia and Georgia all agree

(Gives a second string of white beads).

All the towns in the Cherokee nation are as one, they are all my people and we remember his Majesty's talk that he told us to be all good.

His Majesty told me when I was there, that the white people and ourselves should be all one, that we were all his, and should be as one people. As his Majesty desires so I hope we shall look with one eye, speak with one tongue and be as one people.

(Gives a third string of beads)

I am going to talk more. The man above is he who made the land and his Majesty over the water desires that the white people and themselves should mutually possess it. As I said before the man above is head of all, he made the land and none other, and he told me the land I stand on is mine and all that is on it. True it is the deer, the buffaloe and the turkeys are almost gone, I refer all to him above, The white people eat hogs, cattle, and other things which they have here, but our food is further off. The land here is very good land, it affords good water, good timber and other good things but I will not love it. My talk is very good, I do not love the land as we are going to make a division, I want to do what is fair and right.

I desire that your Excellency nor your warriours will forget my talk and that my men also may not forget it but remember it well. I remember the talk we had from our father Stuart about the line and am accordingly come, and am ready to run it, for the white people to live on one side and ourselves on the other, all in peace, our hunting grounds are but small and but a little way from the nation.

There are rogues among your people and among my people, but I will give my people a good and a strong talk to be so no more,

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and I hope your Excellency will also give your people a talk to be honest.

His Majesty told me when I was there and I have since heard that he desires a line may be run between us, and that neither shall encroach on the other. I am now come to run it and it must be done without alteration, I never indeed heard any proposed before a little last night. I determine to have it run from the place it terminated in South Carolina a straight course according to what has been agreed on. I remember the talk from his Majesty and the head beloved at Augusta concerning what course the line should run. I am now come to run it and the land that is on this side I wont live on, I give it to the white people. The price the white people give for land when they buy is very small, they give a shirt, a match coat and the like which soon wears out but land lasts always.

I am now done talking, the land is given when the line is run and I quit all pretensions to it.

(Lays down a string of beads on the course the line was to run)

I am now done talking and wish to see the white people live well increase and have children and that we may do so too.

My people are here, come a great way naked, I expected to have had things here for them, but as they are not come will they be sent for, or what will be done?

In answer to which, his Excellency proposed, that a sergeant and six men from his detachment should escort six of the Indians to Salisbury to receive the presents, and return back again with them as far as Loves Ford on Broad river where the presents should be delivered to the Indians. Which proposal Friend (on behalf of the Indians) complied with and the detachment and Indians marched immediately to Salisbury

I am &ca