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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Andrew Morton to Daniel Burton
Morton, Andrew
September 17, 1767
Volume 07, Pages 520-521

[N. C. Letter Book S. P. G.]
Mr Morton to the Secretary.

Caroline County in Virginia Sept 17th 1767

Reverend Sir,

I take this first opportunity of acquainting you that I have been obliged to leave Carolina on account of a bad state of health. In every other respect I was as happy there as I could expect to be. And it was no small mortification to me to be obliged to leave a Colony under the Government of that amiable and good man Colonel Tryon after receiving so many marks of his esteem. But so far was I reduced by the Ague and Fever and nervous disorders that I could have no hopes of outliving another fall in that climate.

I have therefore a few weeks ago accepted of a parish in Caroline County Virginia. And I doubt not it will give pleasure to the Honorable Society to hear that I now bid fair for health and happiness.

With the usual salary I am possessed of a glebe of 100 acres of good Land amidst a set of agreeble Gentlemen. Here the soil is dry, the Water Clear, the Air pure, and all things conspire to restore me to new health and vigour. The honorable Society may be assured that nothing but the immediate danger of life could have prevailed on me to desert my mission—This will be the more evident to them when they know that since I have been in Carolina I refused a living

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in Maryland of £300 ster per annum out of an unshaken attachment to their service,

I have not drawn on the Society's Treasurer since last Christmas and as I am in no want of money they are humbly requested to accept of my last half years salary as my mite towards carrying on their benevolent design of propagating the Gospel.

I have and shall ever retain, the most grateful sense of the society's goodness be pleased therefore to offer my hearty and sincere thanks for all their favors—

After praying for the smiles of Heaven on the Venerable Society's pious endeavours to enlarge the Mediators Kingdom. I have the pleasure to be.

Yours &c.