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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Bond from Wyriot Ormond for performance as Customs Collector for Liquor for the Port of Bath
Ormond, Wyriot, d. 1773; Palmer, Robert, 1724-1790
February 03, 1768
Volume 07, Pages 683-684

[From MS. Records in Office of the Secretary of State.]

Know all Men by these presents that We Wyriott Ormond and The Honourable Robert Palmer both of Beaufort County in the Province of North Carolina Esqrs are held and firmly bound unto our Sovereign Lord George the third King of Great Britain &c in the Sum of Five hundred pounds proclamation money to be paid to his said Majesty his heirs and Successors to the which payment

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well and truly to be made We bind ourselves and each of us our heirs Exers and Admrs jointly and severally firmly by these presents Sealed with our seals and Dated this 3d day of February Anno Domini 1768

The Condition of the above Obligation is such that Whereas the the above Bounden Wyriott Ormond is Appointed Receiver of the duties on Spirituous Liquors for the Port of Bath in the Province afs'd by Commission from under the hand and Seal of his Excellency William Tryon Esqr Governor &c Now if the said Wyriott Ormond will honestly faithfully and Justly execute the Office of Receiver afs'd of the Impost or Duty and will fully Account for and pay all such sums of Money by him to be Received and Accounted for then the Above Obligation to be Void and of no Effect Otherwise to be and Remain in full force and Virtue

Sealed and delivered in presence of
Roger Ormond