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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Edmund Fanning to Simon Dixon
Fanning, Edmund, 1739-1818
May 1768
Volume 07, Pages 745-746

Mr Simon Dixon

Sir—I this Day Received the Inclosed Letter from Mr William Piggott and in answer thereto and in compliance with His Request, I do, In Justice to the wrongfully blamed and accused, Hereby Certify that I do Not Know neither do I believe, or did I ever hear that any Information was ever made by either of the said William or Jeremiah Piggott on their solemn Information or otherwise against yourself Harmond Husbands or any other Person concerning their

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being engaged in the Late Miserable unhappy Disturbance In this County. Thus far as to them, and now as to myself if you or any Gentleman in this County, which I have the Honour to Represent, & whose Happiness and Prosperity I wish above any part [of the] Universe, are desirous of being informed as to any particular which has of Late been the Cause of popular Discontent I will endeavour and with Pleasure to convince you of the Truth of things and the misinformation and false Reports that have been spread to the Great prejudice and Disturbance of the Quiet and Happiness of the Good People of this late flourishing and orderly County I shall only add that I feel the Heaviest Sorrow and Concern for Late Misfortunes and Disturbances of the Inhabitants of this county and that I am sir your Humble Servant