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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the North Carolina Governor's Council
North Carolina. Council
May 17, 1768
Volume 07, Pages 750-752

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

At a Council held at Brunswick 17th May 1768.
His Excellency the Governor
The Honble James Hasell Esquire.
The Honble Lewis DeRosset Esquire.
The Honble William Dry Esquire.
The Honble Benjamin Heron Esquire.
The Honble Samuel Strudwick Esquire.

His Excellency acquainted this Board that his Secretary Mr Edwards who carried up the Proclamation to Orange County relative to the late disturbances there, was returned and brought a

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letter from Col: Fanning dated the 28th April last by which and Mr Edwards' report He was informed that two of the principal Rioters had been taken, and were released upon entering into recognizances for their appearance at the next Superior Court for that district, and as the people had dispersed themselves it was expected in a little time the disturbances in that County might subside.

His Excellency was further pleased to communicate to this Board a Letter he had received from Col: Samuel Spencer of the Anson Regiment of Militia, bearing date the 28th day of April 1768, setting forth that the contagion had spread through that County, and extended to the insult of His Majestys Justices of the Peace in the Execution of their Office in Court, & require of the Council what Measures they thought would be most effectual to suppress such unlawful Assemblys and indignities Offered to Government—

It is their unanimous opinion that the same Measures be pursued as had been recommended on Occasion of the Disturbance in Orange County.

Ordered a Proclamation issue in the following words Vizt

North Carolina
By His Excellency William Tryon Esq &c. A Proclamation,

Whereas information hath been made unto me, that several Rioters and disorderly Persons in the County of Anson have Confederated together to oppose the just Measures of Government, and Assembling themselves in a Tumultuous Manner in Arms, have committed several outrages in open violation of the Laws of their Country, contrary to the professed loyalty of the inhabitants of this Province, highly derogatory to the Honour of His Majestys Crown and Dignity and subversive of that security derived to every individual from a submission to order and good government.

I have therefore thought it expedient by and with the unanimous advice and consent of His Majestys Council, to issue this my Proclamation, strictly commanding and requiring all persons any ways concerned in such insurrections immediately to disperse and retire to their respective Habitations, submitting themselves to the Laws of their Country and in case of Refusal I do hereby require him and Command all Officers Civil and Military to take all Lawful means for suppressing the same, and all other persons are strictly required

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to be aiding and assisting therein as they shall answer the contrary at their peril

Given under my hand and the Great Seal
God save the King

His Excellency finding no material Business for the General Assembly of this Province, which stands prorogued to the 15th of June next proposed to the Council further to prorogue the same to the 12th day of January 1769.

To which the Council unanimously agreeing Ordered a Proclamation to issue proroging the said Assembly accordingly, then to meet at New Bern for the Dispatch of Public Business.

Nouth Carolina
By His Excellency William Tryon Esq &c A Proclamation

Whereas the General Assembly of this Province stands prorogued to the 15th day of June next.

I have therefore thought proper by and with the advice and Consent of his Majestys Council further to prorogue the said Assembly till the 12th day of January 1769, then to meet at New Bern for the dispatch of Publick Business.

Given under my hand and the Great Seal &c