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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Regulators' Advertisement No. 10 - Minutes of a meeting of the Regulators
Regulators of North Carolina
May 21, 1768
Volume 07, Pages 758-759

[B. P. R. O. Am. & W. I. N. C. No. 216.]

At a General Meeting of the Regulators and numbers of other Inhabitants of the County of Orange held at George Sally's on the 21st May 1768, agreed on last meeting

It was unanimously agreed to continue our Petition to the Governor, Council & Assembly for redressing very grievous, cruel, inquisitous and oppressive practices of our Officers which We generally conceive We have laboured under these many years contrary to Law and in pursuance to a verbal message sent us by His Excellency our Governor sent express by His Secretary Mr Edwards delivered to us the third day of this Instant We unanimously agree to renew our petition to the Governor, and as sundry forms of said Petition have been read here this day and signed by sundry neighbourhoods We appoint Wm Maffit, Wm Cox, Hermon Cox, John Lowe, John Marshall, James Hunter, Rednap Howell and George Hendrey to form one out of the whole refering to the separate complaints for information of Grievances and being conscious of our loyalty to King George the Third now on the British Throne and our firm attachment to the present Establishment and form of Government which we sincerely believe all our grievances are quite

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opposite & contrary to by the downright roguish practices of ignorant and unworthy men who have crept into Posts of Office and practised upon our ignorance and new settled situation We therefore order the above Committee to implore the Governor's pardon and forgiveness in the most submissive manner for any errors we have committed that is or may be construed to derogate from the Honor of His Majesty's Person, Crown or Dignity or tending to [derogate from] the peace or good order of Government; and for His better information We likewise order said Committee to prepare copies of all our proceedings which [have been] agreed on by our body from the beginning to go with the said Petition, and they are to send a suitable number of said Committee to wait on the Governor as soon as possible with the same. And as we have received a Letter from Anson County informing us of an Association there on the same account and requesting an information of the manner of our proceedings We order a copy of this to be sent them immediately to prevent speedily their running into any errors, believing their scruples to be well grounded & their intention good and honest, and to be followed with copies of all the rest of our papers. And the Public who have any grievances are desired to send the same to some one of the Committee before next Monday come week when they are to meet at the house of Harman Cox on Deep river for the purposes above mentioned.