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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the Regulators to William Tryon
Regulators of North Carolina
Volume 07, Pages 811-812

Insurgents Letter to the Governor delivered by James Hunter when
the Troops were on the march from Salisbury to Hillsborough.

May it please your Excellency,

The general rumour prevails that a large Drove of Cattle are shortly to pass through our Settlement by your Excellency's Direction. Pardon us Sir when we signify a measure so very prejudicial to our interests gives us some Pain as a number of Cattle have been already lost through distempers spread among us by Droves from the South and as the common method used in such cases have been to stop such Droves we hope we shall not be drove to the necessity of using such roughness in any affair wherein your Excellency is concerned & therefore rely on your Excellency's giving positive Orders to stop said Droves.

As various rumours are daily spread that your Excellency designs to try, hang & condemn all those who bear the title of regulators

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and all who abet and adhere to them as rebels and Traitors, and that you are enlisting forces into the nature of standing regiments in order to carry your designs into execution, let us premise that we declare we bear true and faithful allegiance, and what is more unfeigned love to our dread Sovereign Lord and royal Master King Geo 3rd now on the British throne, and will when occasion requires fight for and defend him to the last drop of blood, and that we highly venerate the British Constitution and would not change it for any form of Government existing. And lastly that we bear no ill-will to any but our cruel Oppressors from which number we exclude your Excellency. But will nothing propitiate but our blood, we are determined at all events to fall like men, and sell our lives at the very dearest rate.

We humbly therefore hope you will be pleased to inform us whether these rumors are true that we may know what to depend upon, always believing such designs never existed in your Excellency's intentions, seeing they are diametrically opposite to your known candor, justice, goodness and lenity from Sir,

Your Excellency's
Very devoted humble servants
Signed in Behalf and by Order of the Regulators.
We beseech you Sir not to drive us to despair.