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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from George Hendry requesting pardon from William Tryon
Hendry, George
August 28, 1768
Volume 07, Pages 816-817

May it please your Excellency,

As it has been my misfortune to be unhappily drawn into this erroneous, weak and silly notion of what is called by some People a regulation which I find to my great grief and sorrow to be nothing less than a confusion, I was chosen amongst some others to go up to Hillsborough on the 23d of last month on some business relating to the affair, but had not the happiness of seeing your Excellency which happiness I think would have contributed greatly to my satisfaction. But I had the good fortune to see the honorable Colonel Fanning who partly convinced me of my error, by his willingness to satisfy Us of every particular that lay in his power, which was quite contrary of what had been reported of him. And now I am so fully satisfied of that Gentleman's goodness and condescension, and of your Excellency's goodness and clemency by your so kind and just Proposals made to the People for determining the matters that I am determined never to have any further concern in the affair, contrary your Excellcy's Will and Pleasure. Therefore I finding myself in

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Duty bound to beg your Excellency's pardon and clemency for my past misconduct and yr Protection for the remainder of the Time which God in His great goodness has allotted me, so I shall ever pray for your Excy,s happiness, and Preservation in this world, & that you may receive a Crown of Glory in the World to come Therefore I remain for the time to come with all submission

Your Excellency's most humble and obedient servant

Bear Creek Orange County August 28th 1768.