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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Tyree Harris to William Tryon
Harris, Tyree, 1728-1787
October 29, 1768
Volume 07, Pages 863-864

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Letter from the Sheriff of Orange County to Governor Tryon

Orange County October ye 29th 1768

Eight days after date I received your letter of the 10th Inst and persuant to your Instructions have taken a Tour among the people called regulators, particularly I saw Ninian Hamilton Senr William Butler John Low and about Twenty others who all declared they were ready to comply with, and be obedient to the Laws of the Government, and that they believed it was the general Intent of the people to do the same in short Every man I saw either paid me or promised to do it as quick as they could, I also sent my Deputy Mr Worham Glen with Instructions to go to George

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Adam Salley, Phillip Hartsoe, Frances Dausset Peter Craven and as many more as time would permit, and to meet me in Hillsborough on the 26th Inst, Mr Glen has returned, and says that he distrained on two of the Insurgents which they peaceably Submited to, and that was at near thirty of their houses, and does believe Every man paid him that was able to produce the money Mr Glen further Informs me that the regulators desired him to assure me that it was the General intention of the people to Submit to Government, and that if I would favour them with ten days notice where I would meet them, that they hoped I should receive my due from them without Much further Trouble, I therefore send Mr Glen out Tomorrow in order to Disperse advertisements and purpose to attend on the 10th and 11th of next month at six different places, I intend to be amongst 'em in person and if anything should Occur, Contrary to what I have now wrote, your Excellency may depend on receiving an Express from me as quick as may be after my return home

Colo Fanning (on my behalf) waits on your Excellency with a petition, praying some Indulgence from the Legislature, and I Humbly hope it will meet with Your Approbation and Indulgence, which will Ever be considered as a Singular favour Conferred on

Your Excellencys most &c