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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from inhabitants of Halifax County concerning the scarcity of currency in North Carolina
Cotes, Henry; Et Al.
Volume 07, Pages 866-867

[From MSS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

To his Excellency William Tryon Esqr Govr of North Carolina, the members of his Majesties Counsel and the House of Burgesses Now mett at Newbern

The Petition of the Inhabitance of the County of Halifax humbly Sheweth that the grait Scarcity of Money laye Us Under Very grait

-------------------- page 867 --------------------
hardshipe In so much as not to be able to Pay Our Taxes which has been the Real Cause of all the Disturbance that leatly Hapned We therefore Pray that Your Excellency, And Other Branches of the Legislative body would take into Your Mature Consideratione the Deplorable State of the Province And either grant Us An Act of Assembly to make more money or An Act to pay our Taxes in Commodityes which would Enable Us to Chearfully pay as Useual; And Your Petitioners as in Duty Bound will Ever Pray

Henry Cotes
Solomon Powell
Wm Clemonds
John Brown
Frances Reding
Henry Cavanes
Jas Dier
Michel Meley
Wm Powell Senr
John Powell
John Carpenter
Peter Smith
William Gardner
Thomas Tayler
John Pots
Thomas Pace
James Haywood
George Zollycoffer
James Bloyse
Jonathan Carpenter
Williamson Haile
William Powell
Wm Reding
Aris Stipus Haile
John Blanton Junr
Malchisadeck Order
Jonathan Haile
Robt Carstarphen
Sanders Reding
John Basford
Daniel Crawley
Jos Taler
John Studivan
William Trent
Edmund Irby
John Hargrove
George Powell
Thos Williams
John Jones
John Gray
Israel Parshall
Richard Clayton
George Pace
Thos Taler
William Lovell
John Myrick
Thos Irby
Wm Clark
John Hubbard
Thos Gardner
Ephraim Knight
Absolum Isles
Edwd Luntsford
Jesse Pope
William Hubbard
Jos Garland
Charles Sanders
Reubin Rozar
John Winter
Jho Mills Juns
Henry Robinson
Jos Winter
James Stevens
Wm Guthrie
Edwd Crossland
Wm Humphreys
William Rose