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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Alexander Elmsley to Samuel Johnston
Elmsley, Alexander, 1730-1797
May 26, 1769
Volume 08, Pages 43-44

-------------------- page 43 --------------------
[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Letter from Alexander Elmsley to Samuel Johnston Esq

London 26th May 1769

Dr Sir

I this Day received your Bills on Oldham Which are accepted and will be paid as the acceptor is very Good, Inclosed you have Mr Pollock's Bill protested, in my Last I sent you McNeils without protest as you desired, with a Certificate under my hand of the Drawees being dead and his Exrx having refused payment as not being in Correspondence or connected with the Drawer

You have now in my hands viz

Bills Jackson on Rossiter
Clodd on Barnett
Lott on Metcalf
Talbot on Tucker So Carolina
Torrans Poag & Gregg on Dormer So Carolina
Youngse on Alston &c
Oldham on Oldham
Do on Do

as to Jacksons draught on Prichard in my last I advised that the utmost I could do respecting it was to extort after abundance of abuse, (as Cummings calls it) a promise to pay upon Larkens Bond being delivered to Prichard which you'll please forward to me by first oppty. We believe here that ye Duties on Goods imported into your Country will be taken off next Session of Parliament, if the Colonys do not in the mean time display too much of ye spirit of resistance. Our ministers say the last Dutys were imposed in order to try them and as soon as it appears that they are convinced of the Folly of their late measures, they will be taken off, this is the language of the Court. I doubt not however, that the true reason is an apprehension of a rupture with some of the powers of Europe in which Case it might be of a Dangerous tendency to continue our Domestic differences; some of our politicians give another and perhaps a better reason for the Sudden revolution in favour of the Colonies, they say the present ministry are not able any longer to

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combat the Opposition unless they make a Sacrifice of Some part of their pretensions, and as the American Taxes are obviously taxing in the Event the Labouring people of England, and of Course preposterous it has been thought advisable to take them off and thereby lessen the number of those who have joined the Opposition; But I send J. Parker the papers to this day; he will forward them to you, and you'll soon know as much as I do or perhaps any body Else here, except a few in the Cabinet to whom I have no Access. I have seen the Petition & Remonstrance of your Assembly to ye King. O! Gods a Remonstrance from No Carolina to a King, surely you were thinking of King Blunt or King Haglar; but this is not the worst of it, you tell his Majesty which by the way I don't believe that you're willing for his sake to lose your lives and even to Hazard your Fortunes Is not this sinking in prose and had not the writer before him Swifts Art of Sinking in poetry

“And Thou Dalhousi the Great God of War,
Lieutenant General to the Earl of Mar.”

However let it be what it will the Gent charged with it I imagine will not have an Oppty of presenting it because the Virginia address was refused some months ago on account also of the indecent manner in which it was drawn up. I told you before that Mr Barker seems touch'd with your neglect of him as he expresses it; pray let him hear oftener from you and particular about his Own Concerns which he frequently mentions; I see him every Day and am happy in his acquaintance. You may address to me hereafter, if I am out of the way my Brother will open your Letters and do the needfull—please present my Complts to every Body and tell Mr Jones I have not yet heard of the receipt of his goods and that I have £10 for Arthr Howe, which he must draw for because I was obliged to give a receipt for it in his name, as being so much more than my Letter of Atto for Mrs Hall Specified

I am Dr Sir Your Affec