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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Proclamation by William Tryon concerning a general pardon of the Regulators
Tryon, William, 1729-1788
September 09, 1769
Volume 08, Pages 67-68

[From MS. Records in the Office of Secretary of State.]
A Proclamation.

Whereas by the early & active rigour in exerting the powers of government, for Suppression of the Insurgents at Hillsborough, the dangerous designs meditated by those deluded people were happily frustrated, And Whereas by my Proclamation the third day of October last, I thought proper to pardon all persons who before the date of the said Proclamation, had involved themselves in the guilt of that Insurrection, Sundry Persons therein mentioned only excepted, to whom, on my favourable representation of their unhappy situation, his Majesty, ever attentive to the welfare and happiness of all his Subjects, however distant from him, has been graciously pleased to permit me to extend the mercy of the said Pardon, with a remission of all Fines, to such Persons as have been the Objects of Publick Prosecution, on or before the third day of October 1768, not doubting that his Royal Lenity on this occasion will compleat the restoration, and secure the Preservation of the Peace of this Province;

I therefore issue this my Proclamation of general Pardon extending

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to Fines and forfeitures, to all persons concerned in the said late Insurrection, on or before the third day of October, 1768.

Given under my hand & the great Seal, at Brunswick 9th day of September 1769, &c.

By His Excell'y Command
John London, D. Sec'y.