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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from Benjamin Heron concerning payment for abstracts of land grants
Heron, Benjamin, 1722-1770
Volume 08, Pages 157-158

[B. P. R. O. America & W. Indies. Vol. 216.]
To the Right Honble Earl of Hillsborogh, One of His Majestys
Principal Secretarys of State.

The Petition of Benjamin Heron Deputy Secretary of the Province of North Carolina

Humbly sheweth

That about two years ago, your memorialist having received orders from His Excellency Govr Tryon, in consequence of His Majestys

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Commands, signified to him by the Earl of Shelburne, to Form an Abstract of the Lands granted in the Province of North Carolina, and to transmit the same to your Lordships Office;—And that your memorialist shou'd Hire and Employ Clerks and permit them to have recourse at all times to the Records of the said Province, and assist himself, to Facilitate and Compleat the same as soon as possible. Your Memorialist having with great Trouble and Expence finish'd the said Lists of Abstracts, and deliver'd them into Your Lordships Office, together with the Expence attending the same—Humbly Prays, Your Lordship will oblige your Memorialist in giving Directions, that He may be Repay'd the money in England He advanced for that Service, together with such allowance Your Lordship may think proper for His own Trouble, and your Memorialist will Ever Pray—