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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Deposition of Bexley John Lambden concerning Isaac Brigman
Lambden, Bexley J.
December 08, 1770
Volume 08, Pages 263-264

-------------------- page 263 --------------------
[From MS. Records in the Office of Secretary of State.]

North Carolina

Craven County

The Deposition of Bexley John Lambden of Anson County in the Province aforesaid, Planter, about Thirty Nine Years of Age, who being sworn upon the Holy Evangelists, deposeth & saith, that in the Morning of the Thirtieth Day of November last, as this Deponent was riding the Road from Blunt's Ferry on Great Peedee to Cole's Bridge on Drowning Creek, he discovered in the Road aforesaid, near an old deserted Cabbin on the said Road, said to be formerly inhabited by John Bounds, between the said Cabbin and a Branch of Hitchcock's Creek, commonly called the Chalk Fork, a great Number of the Tracks of Men's Feet; in so much that from the Ford & Bridge of the said Chalk Fork, the Road appeared to be much trod & trampled with Men's Feet for many Yards, and near to the said Cabbin; and that this Deponent likewise saw from thence the Track of a large Man's Foot along the said Road to one Isaac Brigman's House, about Seven Miles from the said Cabbin; and that on calling at the said Brigman's, no Body came to the Door to this Deponent but a Woman, but that this Deponent saw the said Brigman toward the further side of the Room, and asked if Mr Jarman was gone by? and that the said Brigman answered, that he went by about Midnight, and rode a large Bay Horse, and that he the said Mr Jarman thought they were all abed and asleep at his the said Brigman's House, but that he the said Mr Jarman was mistaken; and this Deponent further saith, that the said Brigman did not come to the Door during the Time of this Deponent's stay at the said House, but that in the Time of the Discourse this Deponent had with the said Brigman, he saw another Man in the Room with Brigman, which other Man only discovered himself partly, shily peeping at this Deponent, and that at the same Time there appeared to be some others in the said Room which this Deponent could not distinctly discover; that this Deponent has long understood the said Brigman's House to be a House of very evil Repute, where Horse Thieves and other Malefactors are frequently harbored and entertained, and where it is dangerous for any well disposed Person to stay at Night,—That this Deponent understands and has been informed, that no Person inhabits or lives on the said Chalk Fork,

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or nearer thereto than the said Isaac Brigman's, and further this Deponent saith not.

Sworn the Eighth Day of December, 1770, before me.