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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from John Butler concerning the pardon of William Butler
Butler, John, d. 1786
Volume 09, Pages 99-100

To His Excellency Josiah Martin, His Majesty's Captain General, Governor and Commander in Chief in and over the Province of North Carolina

The Petition of John Butler Humbly sheweth that, Whereas my Brother William Butler; is by the Laws of this Province, in a state

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of outlawry, and notwithstanding, the very Extraordinary unlawful and unconstitutional proceedings of him and others, made it necessary for Examples to be made of some, yet I Humbly hope that mercy may yet be found with your Excellency for one who is very sensible of his folley and who Sincerely promises never to be one of Such a Riotous party again; his own petition is herewith presented to your Excellency; Humbly begging pardon; which I most Humbly and Heartily beg, your Excellency, will be pleased to grant and your Humble Petitioner as in Duty bound will ever pray.