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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Venire facias to Thomas Torrans for a Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Gaol Delivery in Dobbs County, including list of jurors
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789; Torrans, Thomas
October 11, 1773 - October 27, 1773
Volume 09, Pages 691-693

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

North Carolina,

Richard Caswell Esqre one of the Judges & Justices of the Courts of Oyer & Terminer & General Gaol delivery in the said Province by Letters Patent of our Lord the King under the Great Seal of the Province of North Carolina aforesaid to the Honble Martin Howard, Maurice Moore and the said Richard Caswell Esqres or either of them made to enquire more fully the truth, by the Oaths of Good and

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Lawfull men of the County of Dobbs in the Province aforesaid, and by other ways and means by which the truth of the matter may be the better known & enquired into of all Treasons, Murders, Rebellions, Insurrections, Counterfeitings, Felonys and all other crimes & offences whether Capital or not Capital within the said County and the same for this time to hear and determine—

To the Coroner of the County of Dobbs Greeting: In behalf of our said Lord the King, you are hereby commanded to cause to come before me and my fellow Justices aforesaid or either of us at Kingston in the said County on Wednesday the Twenty Seventh day of October Inst Twenty four Good and Lawfull men Freeholders within your Bailiwick to do and receive all those things which on the behalf of our said Lord the King shall be then & there enjoined them, and that you yourself be then and there in your person to do then those things which to your Office in this behalf doth Appertain and that you have then and there the names of the Jurors & this precept.

Dated under my hand & Seal the 11th day of October in the XIII year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third King of Great Britain &c, Anno Dom. 1773.


Venire to Dobbs to Summon Grand Jury to attend Court of Oyer &c at Kingston 27th Octo. 1773.

In Obedience to the within precept I have Summoned the several persons whose names are in the panel hereunto Annexed, to Act & do as within I am Commanded 27th Octor 1773.



A Pannell of Grand Jurrors Summoned to Attend the Court of Oyer and Terminer, And General Gaol Delivery to be held at Kingston on the 27th Octobr 1773.

1. Simon Bright Junr

2. Francis McIlwean

3. William Whitfield

4. Henry Goodman

5. Majr Croom

6. Benjamin Caswell

7. Robert White

8. Stephen Blackman

9. Joseph Pipkin

10. John Herritage

11. Samuel Caswell

12. Thomas Curtis

13. Charles Markland

14. Timothey Goodman

15. Anthoney Herring

16. Jesse Jornigan

17. Jon Charles Dockom

18. William Rhodes

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19. Spyers Shingelton

20. Henry Howel

21. William Crawford

22. Constantine Whitfield

23. John Linton

24. William Flowers